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Hunter Law | 195 comments Mod
Story of Hunter and his brothers.

Hunter: When I was 10, I woke up earlier than even Professor Juniper to get my first Pokemon. I woke her up and chose my Pokemon. Of course, I chose Oshawott. Too bad for my rival N that he arrived much later than I did. He lost track of time and got there after even Cheren and Bianaca. Cheren chose Snivy and Bianaca chose Tepig.

Hail: When I was 10 and Hunter was 12, I chose my very first Pokemon. No doubt I chose Snivy. I surly wanted to beat Hunter, but he was Elite #4 then. My rival, Wassup, now part of Team Plasma, chose Tepig though. He probably just wanted to beat me but he failed.

Honantu: Just the other day, I chose my first Pokemon. I got up at 11:00 but luckily, Professor Juniper still had a Tepig. When I was walking here, my rival, Trip, zoomed right past me. It was lucky that he chose Snivy. The thing is, he beat me. I lost my first battle. He waked ahead of me to the first gym. Now I'm training to beat him. I bet he still only has 1 Pokemon!

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Hunter Law | 195 comments Mod
Story of Hunter's and his brothers' rivals.

N: When I was 10, I got up at 11:00 and lost track of the time. My mom insisted on giving me a jumbo-sized bowl of cereal but I saw Bianaca running to here. I told my Mom how importrant this event was so she let me go. When I got there, all the Pokemon were gone. I was planning on making my own team named Team Plasma, it would be for Pokemon battlers. Now it's for me to release other people's Pokemon so I could rule the region. At least she gave me a Pokemon.

Wassup: When I was 10, I got my first Pokemon. I chose Tepig to beat Hail. But, I lost so I joined Team Plasma.

Honantu: Just the other day, I got my first Pokemon. I chose Snivy anb just knew that Honantu would choose Tepig to beat me. But I won! I followed what Hail did so I would of won anyways.

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Story of Grant, his best friend, and his #1 Rival.

Grant: When I was 9 I woke up wanting a pokemon. I knew I was too young so my mom got me a Patrat to play with and train against another Patrat I got. When I was 10, I released the Patrats' and went to Professor Junipers lab and met my best friend, Sammy. I was quick and I got who I wanted. Oshawott.

Sammy: When I was 10 I went to Professor Junipers lab and met my best friend Grant. He grabbed Oshawott, said good luck, got his pokedex, and ran out the door. I thought about choosing Snivy or Tepig, and I chose Tepig. I got my pokedex and left just when another girl walked in with a smirk on her face.

Carey: When I was 10 I went to Professor Junipers lab and was very ready to get a pokemon to defeat my rival since I was little, Grant. Grant and I were always fighting about pokemon and now it was my time to shine. You see, my father was the gym leader of Castelia City. Since he was a bug trainer I took the closest match, Snivy who was grass type. I needed to defeat Grant, no matter what it took. Like I said, I was ready.

message 4: by Victini, Unova elite 4 best of all!(Exept the champ...) (last edited Mar 27, 2011 10:36AM) (new)

Victini | 267 comments Mod
The story of Bob and his Big Brother:

The day Bob was 10,he went to Pro. Juniper's lab to get his Pokemon and Pokedex.He chose Snivy,and with a little work,he got a Serperior!It evolved by doing alot of battles,with some help with Herdier and Boldore,of course.After evolving,bob tried taking on his brpther,Blaze,but he obviously failed.

On his 10th B-Day,Blaze got up bright and early to get his Pokemon,and he even had to wake up Pro. Juniper!"Not again..."She mumbled.Blaze chose Tepig,Which soon became an Emboar.He is now the 4th elite 4 member!

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