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message 1: by Hunter, Unova Champion (last edited Feb 19, 2011 02:28PM) (new)

Hunter Law | 195 comments Mod
Apply here for a job as a gym leader! Open positions:

-Striaton Gym (0 People) 3 SPOTS TAKEN! Ash, Cheren, and Bianaca.
-Nacrene Gym (1 Person)
-Castelia Gym (1 Person)
-Nimbasa Gym (1 Person)
-Driftveil Gym (1 Person)
-Mistralton Gym (1 Person)
-Iccirus Gym (0 People) 1 SPOT TAKEN! Wassup.
-Opelucid Gym (1 Person)1 SPOT TAKEN! Hail.

Tell me what gym in another region if you want to be that gym leader.

message 2: by Victini, Unova elite 4 best of all!(Exept the champ...) (new)

Victini | 267 comments Mod
i'm the unova number 4 in the elite 4.can i be?the awesome charrie with a lvl.100 reshiram

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