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message 1: by Dee (last edited Feb 28, 2011 05:07PM) (new)

Dee (austhokie) What's a Pick-It-For-Me Challenge?
It's a group recommend a book thing - works just like a Secret Santa or Xmas Exchange, except that the gift is replaced by a book recommendation. The givee-giver pairings are assigned by a super-secret method with some randomness thrown in (depending on my creativity on any given day). So you recommend some books for whomever you get and somebody else will recommend books to you. After you're done reading your Pick-It-For-Me book, a short post with some feedback - a mini-review of sorts would be appreciated.

Please sign up by posting in this thread - Sign up period will remain open until February 28 at 8pm EST.

For this challenge, you need either HAVE YOUR PROFILE SET TO PUBLIC (preferable) or friend the person pickign for you. Keeping your bookshelves up to date will also help with them making recommendations.

You'll have until March 4th to make your recommendations. Everything will be done in this thread so check it often. Also, please be sure you really want/have the time to participate. Once I pair up people, it makes it difficult to re-pair when someone decides not to participate.

Del. Dee
Lisa O.

1.Nicole picks for Allison
2.Del. Dee picks for Nicole
3.Allison picks for Delicious Dee
4.Shelley picks for Lisa O.
5.Lisa O. picks for Shelley

You will provide two recommendations for your partner. To determine whether they are from your partners TBR or new recommendations, flip a coin twice. If you get 2 Heads, then provide them with 2 NEW recommends; a head and a tail provide them with one new and one from their TBR and 2 tails, two from their TBR. In the spirit of the group, make sure at least one of their recommendations is a PNR/UF book (although both can be). Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

message 2: by Lady Allison (new)

Lady Allison | 150 comments Sign me up, Dee! I love pick it for mes.

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nicolerene) I'm in. I've been having trouble deciding what to read next, so maybe this will help.

message 4: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) guess i should sign myself up ;)

message 5: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) small group of people playing this month - anyone else out there want to sign up??

message 6: by Lisa O. (new)

Lisa O. | 77 comments Alright, I'll sign up, there are so many new books coming out this month, but I'll try and make time for one more... I did really enjoy this challenge last month!

message 7: by Shelley (new)

Shelley | 5 comments I'm in. I'm always looking for a new good book:)

message 8: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) see message 1 for pairings and instructions on picking.

message 9: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) Nicole - I flipped 2 heads, so you'll have 2 new to you recommendations.

The Iron Duke - I have this book in the pile to read this month, but have heard awesome things about it - and loved the prequel that I read in February

Angel Warriors - I discovered Stephani Hecht a few months back and loved this first book in her series - I'm going to be reading book 2 this month - angels sent to save the world, and several of them have an addiction to Red Wings Ice Hockey!

Hopefully you like one of these, if not let me know and i'll see what else I can come up with.

message 10: by Lisa O. (new)

Lisa O. | 77 comments Hi Shelley, I've picked one off of your TBR shelf and one new one. (Flipped a head and a tail)

TBR - First Drop of Crimson I love both of the books so far for the Night Huntress World.

New - The Smoke Thief I enjoyed this one and its set in a really interesting world, although it is historical, not set in today's world.

message 11: by Shelley (last edited Mar 01, 2011 11:29AM) (new)

Shelley | 5 comments Hi Lisa O.,

I flipped a head and tail so:

TBR - Silver Borne. I love this series.

New - Dead Girls Are Easy. This was a great book. Lots of voodoo!

From your recommendations to me I will read First Drop of Crimson. I've been wanting to read this for awhile now. Thanks so much!

message 12: by Lady Allison (new)

Lady Allison | 150 comments Hey Dee! Sorry it took me so long! Been a super busy week :)

I flipped for one new & one from your TBR so I went with:

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost - it's rare I find someone who hasn't yet read this!!! It's a fantastic UF series with lots of action, a sexy hero, & a kick ass heroine. & the latest just came out!

Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding - it's a super fast-paced UF with a little romance, but A LOT of plot! For a debut novel, it's incredibly well written & a very interesting world. Everyone I've rec'd this to has enjoyed it & I hope you do too!

Hope you enjoy these & if they're not up your alley, let me know & I'll pick again :D

message 13: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) Thanks Allison! I have no idea why I keep putting Halfway to the Grave off..i need to read! i think because i've heard interesting things about later books in the series, and it detracted me a bit...but i'm going to go for it...the other one sounds interested and i'll def. check it out too!

I PM'd Nicole as well, so hopefully you'll get your choices

message 14: by Lady Allison (new)

Lady Allison | 150 comments You really should read it! It's one of those series that starts off strong & gets even better as it goes.

Thanks, looking forward to them :)

message 15: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nicolerene) Allison,

So sorry I'm late! I'm such a slacker.

Looks like two from your TBR:

Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate, #1)


Tales of the Otherworld by
Armstrong, Kelley *

message 16: by Lady Allison (new)

Lady Allison | 150 comments Thanks, Nicole! I was late too, so I understand :)

I'll probably do Tales of the Otherworld. Do I need to have read to a certain point to understand it? I've only read up until Eve's book so far.

message 17: by Nicole (last edited Mar 10, 2011 10:09AM) (new)

Nicole (nicolerene) Birthright, Beginnings, Bewitched, Ghosts, Expectations, Wedding Bell Hell, all take place before the events in the book Haunted. And the last story "The Case of El Chupacabra" takes place after the events in the book Broken.
And here is a complete list of all her stories in order.
Have fun!

message 18: by Lisa O. (new)

Lisa O. | 77 comments I just finished Silver Borne, thanks for the pick Shelley! I love this series and I thought this one was pretty amazing. I loved Mercy and Adam in this one, and all of the stuff with Sam. Great book!

message 19: by Shelley (last edited Mar 16, 2011 10:07AM) (new)

Shelley | 5 comments Hi Lisa O.,

I'm glad you liked it. I just received River Marked and can't wait to get started! I just finished First Drop of Crimson. I loved this book. I wasn't sure I'd like it as much without it being about Cat and Bones but I loved Spade! I need to get on with the rest of the series.

message 20: by Lady Allison (new)

Lady Allison | 150 comments Unfortunately, I was unable to read my pick for the month as my grandfather passed away & I found myself without time or concentration to read. Things are slowly calming down now, so hopefully I'll have better luck next month. :) I'll keep the pick on my TBR though & get to it one of these days!

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