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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1037 comments Mod
Stage Name:Shou
Name:Kohara Kazumasa
Other names:None
Brithday:July 5th,1981
Bloodtype: O
Weight:About 127lbs
Hobby:Playing video games,Searching for old clothes/second hand clothes,drinking coffee.
Fav Color:Blue
Fav Music:LUNA SEA,KoRn,Atari
Fav Manga:Nana,20th century boy,Berserk
Fav Food:Potatoes
Drink:Soy Milk
Frist Musical instrument he learned to play:Gutair
Sports he engaged in:Baseball
Strong point:long places
Weak point:Short places
Something he'll never give up:The time to sleep
Knows:How to cut hair
He always:Thanks his Fans in his diary and doesn't go anywhere with out his Ipod or Game boy advance
(His name means Military)
Hate's:Girl Who puts make-up on inside a train, When people don't give up there seats to people who needs it more inside the train.
Can't stand:waiting for others
Fun Facts: uses Glasses,He's the one who makes the set lists.
Appearance: Shou

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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1037 comments Mod
Stage Name:Nao
Name:Murai Naoyuki
Nick name:Otakki,Winnie The Pooh,Devil Nao,Pooh San
Brithday:July 31st,1980
Hobby:Psp Nintendo Ds,Explore
Fav Color:Pink
Fav Music:Orutana,Alternative,Jazz,Soul
Fav Manga:3X3 Eyes
Fav Drink:Coffee= Starbuck's caramel macchiato
Perfume:BVLGARI black,,BVLGAI blue
Frist Musical instrument he learned to play:Bass still knows how to play.
Sports engaged in:Baseball,Soccer
Strong point:Is his weakest point
Weak point:Is his strongest point
Something he'll never give up:Hikikomori(is spending time alone.Social withdrawls)
Fun facts: *Got left behind 2 times(on a tour when there where just make a stop at a gas stataion)
*He always needs to use the bathroom in the wrong time,like before interveiws.
*Writes in his diary mostly about food.
*Doesn't sing when the band is going out to sing in to a Karaoke Bar.
*Used to be a lead singer when he was in High School.
*Love Gundum.
* Slept together with Saga.
*uses glass.
*Hate Fish.
*Feels safe behind the drums.
Appearance: [image error]

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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1037 comments Mod
Stage Name:Saga
Name:Sakamoto Takashi
Nick Names:Saga-sama(teasing Name),Daikon-san(means Radish-san,Shou made it up)
Part:Bass,Back up vocals
Brithday:June 24th,1982
Weight:121 lbs
Hobby:Walking with his dog
Fav Color:White,Black,Silver,Purple
Fav Music:UNERWORLD,downy,NUMBER GIRL,a combination of hot and floathy feeling-musice.
Perfume:BVLGARI black
Frist Musical instrument he learned to play:Gutair
Sports engaged in:Baseball
Strongest point:Patience
Weakest point:Change
Something he'll never give up:Things he's proud of.
Fun Facts:*Thinks he knows more about Gundum then Nao.
*Nao and Saga are very good freinds.
*He says Nao looks like Pooh Bear when he sleeps.
*Kissed Hiroto and Shou in Alice in Wonderland live Shibya-AX in 31.8.2005.
*Never speaks loud enough in Interveiws.
*Hate's to be called Saga-SAMA
*Sing in the Q with Shou.
*Uses Glasses.
*Keeps calm when theres a dead body in his room.(>.<)
*He's a Fucking Hot Gutair licker.
* slept with Nao together.
Saga: Saga,alice nine jrock

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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1037 comments Mod
Stage Name:Hiroto
Name:Ogata Hiroto
Nick Name:Pon
Brithday:May 4th,1985
Bloodtype: O
Weight:112 lbs
Hobbys:Clothing and watching a movie.
Fav color:Red,Gold
Fav Artist:NINE INCH NAILS,Red Hot Peppers,Clammobn.
Fav Music:Hot Post-Rock music
Fav Manga:Dragon Ball-Z
Fav Drink:O-ocha->Green tea,Healthya,100% Peach Juice.
Frist Musical instrument he learned to play:Acoustic Gutair.
Sports engaged in:Running
Strongest point:"Can't lie.Immediately feels Heat."
Weakest point:"Can't lie.Immediately feels Heat."
Something he'll never change up:He's belifes and his Gutair.
Fun Facts:*Carried/Lifted Shou up backstage during PSC Tour.
*Love's Everything about stars.
*Has grown up most in the band.
*He heard once that a teacher said they did care about his students.and that really broke his heart.(T.T)
*Was still in high school when he was in Alice Nine.
*Keeps the energy in the band.
*He's the person who will do alot if he can.
*He says when he shouts into a mic he hits his teeth hard.
*The only one who ueses his real name in Alice name.
*Ripped off his shrit on a live show.
Hiroto: Hiroto

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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1037 comments Mod
Stage Name:Tora
Name:Amano Shinji
Brithday:September 17th,1980
Bloodtype: O
Weight:154 lbs
Hobbys:Skate borading and reading BMX
Perfume:His own composition
Frist Musical instrument he learned to play:Bass gutair.
Sports engaged in:None
Strongest point:Secret
Weakest point:Secret
Something he'll never give up:The Time to sleep.
Fun Facts:*His name Tora means Tiger.
*He almost never writes in his diary.
*adds english words to songs.
*uses glasses.
*He's the strongest member in the band.
*He dyed his hair blood once.
*Plays the piano.
*Calles himself"The Lonley Wolf"
Tora: Tora

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