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A fox in a snowstorm | 24 comments Mod

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A fox in a snowstorm | 24 comments Mod
Name: Cinderpool
Rank: Queen
Gender: Female
Pelt: Tan with black paws
Eyes: Warm Amber
Kin: Blazetail (mate), Skypaw (daughter), Cloudpaw (daughter)
Crush: Open >:)
Mate: Blazetail
M/a: closed
History: Well..Blazetail hates her, and Cloudpaw, the eldest daughter, absouluty HATES her father. Blazetail isn't wanted within the family.
Other: Mother to Cloudpaw and Skypaw

Name: Blazetail
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Male
Pelt: Dark ginger
Eyes: Bright blue
Kin: Cinderpool (mate) and his daughters
Crush: Cinderpool
Mate: Cinderpool
M/a: Hazelpaw
History: Cheated on Cinderpool
Other: Nohing

Name: Skypaw/rage
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Female
Pelt: Tan with ginger paws
Eyes: Amber
Kin: Blazetail (father) Cinderpool (mom) Cloudpaw (sister)
Crush: Open
Mate: closed till older
M/a: Needs mentor
History: Nothing
Other: Very pretty

Name: Cloudpaw/pool
Rank: Medicne cat apprentice
Gender: Female
Pelt: Very pale ginger with tan paws and tail tip
Eyes: Dark amber
Kin: Cinderpool (Mother) Blzetail (father) Skypaw (sister)
Crush: Open
Mate: Closed
M/a: Needs mentor :)
History: Always hated her father
Other: Thinks her father is nothing

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Julia Horan Name: Hazelpaw/tail
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: she cat
Pelt: Jet Black
Eyes: Hazel with gold specks
Kin: Stormpaw (brother)
Crush: Open
Mate: none
M/a: needs a mentor
History: Hazelpaw had very supportive parents, who were well respected in the clan. So, Hazelpaw and her identical brother had an exlempory support system. But, after their apprentice ceremony, their mother went out hunting with 2 other warriors. They came back with only 2 cats, Hazelpaw and Stormpaw's mother wasn't one of them. She had wandered out too far and ended up getting killed by a twoleg car. Their father always acts different now around them, but he still loves them.
Other: has a calm and placid personality.

Name: Stormpaw/surge
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Tom
Pelt: Black, but on the tip of his tail is white.
Eyes: Deep green with amber circling the pupil
Kin: Hazelpaw(sister)
Crush: Open
Mate: none
M/a: needs a mentor
History: same as Hazelpaw's
Other: is more ambitious of the two

A fox in a snowstorm | 24 comments Mod
Blazetail could mentor Hazel :)

And accepted.

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Julia Horan Thanks and thanks:)

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Name: starpaw/pool
Rank: apprentice
Gender: f
Pelt: bright wight
Eyes: sky blue
Kin: none
Crush: stormpaw
Mate: none

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