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What rules? What campaign setting? I think we should nix home brew worlds to allow as broad a GM knowledge base as possible. I think the World of Khass (Arduin) would be a blast, but I doubt many have the source book. Our best bet is likely Greyhawk (sorry, I sold my FR years ago though I still have the DVD atlas).

Of course, the setting may depend on the system. If we start of with Call of Cthulhu, we'll likely use an modern city setting (as opposed to primitive). Of the fantasy rpgs, most any rules system can be adapted to any CS, though of course, settings are usually best with the same publisher's rules set.

In settings, I own Khass, Aihrde, Greyhawk, Kalamar, Yggsburgh and I've just received Thyatis & Alphatia, Karameikos (Mystara) and three Dark Sun box sets plus several city settings.

Rules systems I own include AD&D, Arduin, HackMaster 4th edition, HackMaster Basic, Call of Cthulhu, Castles & Crusades, Aces & Eights, Lejendary Adventure, Palladium and a couple of other offbeat rule sets, including The End. I also own D&D 3e, but I've only kept it for reference.

Now some of these settings and rules, I have little or no familiarity with, but I'm willing to learn. So, once we get a decent group here, let's discuss this and decide on a setting and set several of us might be able to work with.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments I have noting lol. Only books I have are 1st AD&D books.

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Gonna hafta get some blood in here. I'm thinkin' C&C might be the way to go and the Trolls have made Airdhe quite rich culturally.The leap from AD&D to C&C isn't large and it's a relatively simple system.

I have 5 modules I might run, so we could slip into it fairly easy, I think, if we got a few more players.

If we delve into this, first up would likely be "Shadows of the Halflimg Hall." That would be followed by "Assault on Blacktooth Ridge" and then "The Slag Heap," a related adventure. Then we run the "Haunted Highlands" at mid-level to prepare for the 9-12 levels needed for"Fingers of the Forsaken Hand."

I may need to slip something else between "Highlands" and "Fingers" to get the group to such lofty levels. However, I don't anticipate doing this in one long run. A break for someone else to rotate into the chair could happen after any of the modules, but we need to maintain some continuity. I wouldn't want to shift gears after every module. A run of two or three would be fine. If someone wants to jump in posthaste, the termination of just the first mod would be a decent place to start something new.It's a stand-alone and not tied in to the two succeeding modules.

C'mon out & play!

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments Alright so what would we need?

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Not sure if it's RPGNow or DriveThruRPG, but there's a free download for C&C Quick Start Rules. I'd offer to just pass on my copy, but I don't have an upload site.

The module calls for 4-8 characters and recommends at least one cleric, one fighter and one rogue (fought like hell when the C&C PHB was being written to call a thief a thief, but lost that battle to the d20 crowd). The module does make allowance for an NPC cleric, if needed, but I'm not a fan of running party NPCs. So, we need at least two other players, but three would be much better. In fact, several more would help greatly in achieving success.

Ok, I went and looked. It's on RPGNow here.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments I'll download it at school (on dial up here). I'd like to be a rogue or a cleric if I can call a spot.

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Davtime | 4 comments Hey I would be interested! I will download the guide later and see what the system is like. Doesn’t sound like to hard of a transition though.

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Cool. We get a couple or three more and some characters, we'll be good to go.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments Kk downloading the files now. Dibs on cleric!

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Davtime | 4 comments I am debating between wizard and fighter. what do you think?

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments Lets go with wizard, you're already running a fighter in my group, something different would be nice!

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments Kynd Ismirasdaughter

Kynd was a girl of a small peasent family in a small village. Everything was normal for her. She worked the fields, obeyed her parents and was a good little girl.

Her whole world was shattered the day He came. No one knew who he was. He walked up to the town, in a hooded robe in the middle of the night. No one thought anything of it until behind him loomed the shambling forms of the undead.

The entire town was slaughtered and turned into zombie by the strange hooded Necromancer.

Only Kynd survived. She was found by a travelling preistess of Demeter. She took the young girl in and trained her. They hunted down the Necromancer and finally caught up to him. They destroyed all of his undead servants but before they could deal the death blow, the Necromancer summoned a foul devil. The devil smote down Kynd's teacher but before it could kill Kynd, a bright light filled the room. When she could see again, the devil had been banished and the Necromancer had fled.

Kynd knew Demeter had saved her that day. She still hunts for the Necromancer that slaughtered her family and teacher and she will do anything for thier revenge.

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Well, here's another game of mine stuck. Damn.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments This suckeths...

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Well, I have the module out and the adventure takes place in the town of Newbriar in a halfling canton of the same name. Seems Willic Brambletoe threw a party in his newly constructed home to celebrate its establishment. Evidently, the festivities were interrupted by an unnatural commotion and now, many of the leading citizens of Newbriar are missing.

We'll need to get our party composition hashed out before I can properly introduce the adventure, but there is a 100gp reward for each party member who assists in the solving of this mystery.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 21 comments Ooooh I think Kynd will be intrested!

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I've been in a traumatic move and the trauma is still there. However, I haven't been around much so I'm checking in to see if folks want to continue with this group.

I have too much on my plate, but I'm also beholding to my players, so...

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