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New Member/author The Great Leap-Fraud

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A.J. Deus (ajdeus) | 1 comments Based on a reassessment of primary documents from the beginning of Judaism through to the Reformation, The Great Leap-Fraud evaluates the Judaic scriptures of the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims for their potential to stir hatred, violence, and terrorism. It searches for messages in the scriptures that may alter the economic behavior of societies. While providing an overview of three major religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam- The Great Leap-Fraud uncovers a series of frauds and premeditated deployment of "prophets" with the goal to establish or redeem the Jewish state of Israel. It also uncovers how the vested interest of Christian historians has pushed the rise of Christianity unto Roman Emperors. Deus shows that the way humans think and act are strongly influenced by a culture driven by the norms of religious organizations, both past and present.

The Great Leap-Fraud Social Economics of Religious Terrorism, Volume 1, Judaism and Christianity by A.J. Deus

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Sofia Gabel (sofiadianagabel) | 1 comments Sounds intriguing!

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