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Tonie | 27 comments rosa walked though the long crowded hallways to her new room. she was excited with the thought of meeting her new roomate and making new friends! she looked at her room assinment and began to feel frustraded as she realized she was utterly lost "ugh" she said as continud searching...

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Bianca walked down the hall to her room, she was expecting a new roommate. She'd been in Vladamir Prep boarding school since she was 10. She always had the same room but her roommates changed constantly.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa finally found her new room and drew a deep breath before she opened the door.

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Bianca saw a girl down the hall about to walk into her room. She guessed that it was her new roommate.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa walks in to her bags already on her bed( she would have preferd to carry them herself) the room is rather simple for such a fancy school she thought one window that didn't seem to open the walls were concreat with a splash of white the beds were a simple twin the roomates side looked much better the way it was decorated but mine looked more like a jail cell then a dorm room :(

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Bianca walked up behind the new girl. "Hello."

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa jumped and it felt as though her heart was going to leap out of her chest. she turned and when she saw the girl standing in front of her she calmed a little and said "you scared the crap outta me, my names rosa whats yours? are you my roommate?"

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"Well u were kinda standing in the middle of the doorway. And yes I am your roommate. I'm Bianca."

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Tonie | 27 comments "hahah I guss i was. man it looks like a prison in here. this is my first year here any idea what i can expect from this lovely Vladamir Prep boarding school?"

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"I wouldn't call it lovely. What you see is pretty much what it is. It is kinda like a prison. I've been living here for eight years. The teachers are strict, the rules are stupid, the guys are cocky and the girls are mostly whores. Yep that about sums it up." She flopped down on her bed.

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Tonie | 27 comments "way to give me something to look forward to." says rosa with fake sincerity. " it can't be that bad i'm gonna try to be positve :) rosa says with a big smile so what do ya go here for? she askes

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"Sure, live in a fantasy world if u want but eventually you're going to have to face reality" she sat up on her bed and crossed her legs. "I'm here because my father could never be bothered to take care of me. I had nannies that took care of me till I was ten, then I was old enough to be on my own so my father shipped me out to boarding school and forgot about me. I'm just lucky he remembers to pay the overpriced tuition every year." She reached for her laptop and opened it on her lap and turned it on. "What about you?"

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Tonie | 27 comments It's been a goal of mine for a while to go to a fancy school my parents died a few years ago they left the house to me I was 16 then so I got emacipated. i worked at a night club and they pay well so i just saved up enough money to go to a fancy school, not the most thought out plan but it was comforting at the time to have a goal. rosa smiles at her roommate and says welp i better get unpacking

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((just make sure u use quotation marks when ur charrie is speaking))

"Huh, interesting goal but I think you could've picked a better school. No offense."

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Tonie | 27 comments (( my bad))
yeah proably

FOWARD TO NEXT DAY (if you don't mind)

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((no prob I don't mind))

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Tonie | 27 comments Rosa awoke with a start as she hurridly smacked her alarm clock, begging it to shut up before she disturbed bianica. A sudden nervous feeling began to creep up her as she realized that today was her first day of a new adventure...

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Bianca heard the new girl's alarm clock and turned away from the noise. She'd lived here for 8 years, she knew where all her classes were and she knew how all her teachers were, so she knew that she didn't have to get up so early. For a moment she wondered if she should be a helpful roommate and show the new girl where her classes were, but instead she decided to stay sleeping.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa soon learned that being quite is very, very hard as she tried to get ready for the day finally she finshed and left for class really early so she could find everything.

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Bianca learned that her new roommate wasn't very good at being quiet. As the girl left Bianca groaned and got up out of bed to get ready.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa was looking for her mythology class when she turned a sharp corner and smacked into a wall of flesh and muscle. "sorry" rosa said with a smile and looked up at the man he was tall with dark hair and eyes that looked like he wanted to kill someone. he didn't say anything just pushed rosa out of the way and hurried on "i hope everyone at this school isn't so negitive" she thought with a sigh

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Bianca came out of the shower and got dressed before blow drying her hair and then doing her makeup. Then she grabbed her books and left the room to go to her first class, mythology.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa sat in the back of the room by the window she likes to sit by a window as much as possible just incase the teacher was boring so she could day dream about flying, she didn't expect such a class called mythology to be boring though. rosa also wanted to see everyone else who was in this class maybe she would know someone one rosa mentally kicked herself for not asking bianca if they had classes together.

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Bianca strolled into class just as the bell rang and sat in the back next to the new girl who was staring out the window.

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Tonie | 27 comments rosa looked over and in an excited voice said "bianca you in this class too. thats awsome :) i was afraid I wouldn't know anybody" rosa laughts a little bit then goes back go looking out the window

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Bianca just nodded at her.

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