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Isabella (Awesomeness) (elmsgirl7) | 18 comments Cassie ran down an alley, tasting the blood on her tongue. she was so close. She turned a corner, and then smiled, seeing the human in front of her. She jumped, landing softly in front of the human. "Hello," she purred, before sinking her teeth into the teenage boy's neck. She sighed, finally letting the blood fill her. She finished him off quickly, and then dragged his body quickly back into the alley. Cassie plopped him into a dumpster and then ran off to a gas station to clean herself up in the bathroom, where no one would ask any questions.

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((my charrie is human fyi (: ))

Naya walked down the dark street listening to her ipod as she made her way back to her house. She sighed twisting her bangs in her fingers.

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