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AJ (aj3books) (those who have no idea what a roleplay is, its a story cont. and it can be totally random)

Massie just came home from the zoo spa and as soon as she enter the room the rest of the Clique burst out laughing. Massie had monkey hair all over her face and was totally hideous.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 16 comments What happened exlaimed dylan. "Yeah, did you get washed in Monkey hair?" said Alisha

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AJ (aj3books) "Excuse me?! This is totally AWESOME!! You people have no taste what so ever," said Massie

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AJ (aj3books) "uhh... yah, sure," said Claire

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Jo (jogo) | 28 comments Mod
R U READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY??? Here I Jo (I mean GO)!

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"Seriously, Mass. Even Dylan has better taste. then again, she has a taste for everything," Kristen rolled her eyes at Dylan who was chugging Red Bull and gnawing on beef jerky all while licking her fingers of the cupcake icing she had stuffed her face with earlier.
"And even if Claire didn't know better, she would have at least used real fur, like fox fur, not some overgrown hair waxed off of a primate behind!" Kristen added with a smart (and snooty) sneer.

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Dylan high-fived her. "Wow, Kristen. Only LBR's like Layne say things that stupid. You too Dylan." Massie snapped. Kristen and Dylan blushed not knowing where that came from. Dylan took another bite of her almost finished jerky then reached in her juicy couture purse for more."Oh and Dyl, that purse was soooo last month. You seriously need to catch up on your fashion senses.

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(sorry if it sounds lame. im new)

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AJ (aj3books) ((its fine))

Alicia's phone rang.
"Yessie? WHAT!!! MY COW TREATMENT GET DELAYED!!!!???? NOOOOO!!! I HAVE TO GO!!!! IT'S LIKE IMPORTANT!!!!!!" and she hung up.

"My cow treatment was canceled," said Leesh.
"Noticed," said Kristin.

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Massie was tired of everyone standing around while she had to visit a salon. "While you guys are worried about bananas and cow treatments, I am in a total hair crises and have to visit my stylists. C'mon Kuh-laire." Claire paused thinking for a moment. Luckily Alisha saved her butt. "I thought your hair was quote,'totally awesome' quote" Alisha said.

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oh my gosh that was HIGH-LARIOUS!!! i love potter puppet pals

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AJ (aj3books) ME TOO. :)

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AJ (aj3books) Annika wrote: "Massie was tired of everyone standing around while she had to visit a salon. "While you guys are worried about bananas and cow treatments, I am in a total hair crises and have to visit my stylists...."


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The monkeys attacked Massie and Alisha while Claire, Kristen, and Dylan made a run for the limo. "Aghhh!!!" screamed Massie while Alish tried to get out of a monkeys grip.

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AJ (aj3books) "HOOT HOOT WOOT KI OH A DOO FA LI TA HOOT," sang the monkeys.
"Ehmagod! Get of me!! I'm way to pretty you idiots!!!" screamed Massie.

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The monkeys released massie, then looked at Claire. All at the same moment they charged for her then stopped. They looked at Dylan. She was eating a red vines liccorice. They charged towards her.
"Dylan!" Massie screamed,"Throw your food!" Dylan shouted "NO!"
"If you don't monkeys will attack you!"
Dylan sighed then turned her purse over dumping out resess, prezels, a half eaten cheese-burger, a strawberry flavored smoothie, and a whole bunche of other candy, cakes, or junkfood.

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AJ (aj3books) "wow," said Alicia. "how much food can you carry?

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Dylan shot her a glare."i was hungry," she said.

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Just than, Derrington appeared out of the bushes with roses and a chocolate! Massie didn't know he could be so romantic.

"Hi,"he smiled, then looked at Kristen."Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure," she replied.
"Will you go out with me?"he smiled.

Massie was shocked. Kristen was shocked. The whole clique was shocked.

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AJ (aj3books) "UHH...." SAID KRISTEN.


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Kristen ran after massie with a look of anger. the rest of the clique followed.

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AJ (aj3books) DERRINGTON WAS :/ and ><
---------------------------------> O

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uhhhh, is that still in the roleplay?

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AJ (aj3books) ((yes, and that means puzzled and shocked))

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AJ (aj3books) "Massie! Whyd you do that??????" asked Kristin.

"Yah, just because he doesnt like you doesnt mean you have to mean to everyone," said Alicia.

"But guys, she's already mean to everyone," said Dylan

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((oh right. sorry not thinking))

"point" said Alisha.

"Derrington's still back there," Claire whispered to Kristen.

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AJ (aj3books) "Yah Kris, go back and tell him yes," said Dylan.

"Uh, no! Kristin, you go back there and you are out of the Pretty Committee. Make your choice," said Massie putting a layer of lip gloss on.

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Kristen paused. How many times did Massie insult her hair? How many times did Massie ditch her for a boy? So much questions were zooming through her head. She had her descision.

"fine," and just like that Kristen was next to Derrington along with Dylan and Alisha.

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AJ (aj3books) Massie stood there with her mouth open. Claire slowly inched away.

"Kuh-laire! Are you going to ditch me too for some new LBRs?" snapped Massie.

"Well, there's not much of a Pretty Committee with 2 people, so yah, I'm leaving," said Claire and she walked to Kristin, Alicia, Dylan, and Derrigton

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Massie gasped. How could they leave her for him? For the first time in her life, Massie was standing alone like a LBR watching her friends have a great time. She had to find new friends. Massie called her lime driver((whats his name?)) and thought of different plans to do to get revenge.

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*limo not lime :p

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AJ (aj3books) Annika wrote: "Massie gasped. How could they leave her for him? For the first time in her life, Massie was standing alone like a LBR watching her friends have a great time. She had to find new friends. Massie cal..."

((Isic (spelling)))

"I need to go to Kori and Strawberry's houses and Cookie and her friends," said Massie. (these are real names)

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(I know)

"What about Dylan, Kristen, Alisha, and Claire?" said Issac.
"they are dead to me," snapped Massie.

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AJ (aj3books) "Are you all right Massie?" asked Issac.

"Fine, drive," said Massie.

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"Yes, my lady," said issac.

As soon as Massie got to Strwberry's house she was thrilled.
"Heyyy," she said. "What are you doing here?" asked Strawberry.
"We are going to hang out silly" massie replied.
"no, we are about to go ice-skating. You werent invited," Strawberry snapped.

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AJ (aj3books) "Shut up Straw," said Kori. "Sure Mass, how bout......Target?"

"Uh... I was thinking to the park to interfere with," said Massie. "Get in. We have to pick up Cookie and the others."

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"OKAY!" they hopped in.

"Cookie issac. step on it."

"wow, that sounded so cool. u were like, all dramatic like in a movie," said Kori.

"shut it," whispered Strawberry

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AJ (aj3books) "Oh sorry Mass. Can I call you that?" asked Kori.

"Uh sure, but don't act like a LBR kay?" said Massie.

"Is that a secret code for something? Like Lovley Bunnies Run?" asked Starwberry excidily.

"Uh, no. It means Loser Beyon Repair. no duh. you were one until today.

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"yayyy! did you hear that, Kori? we are officailly in the pretty Comitee, rithe massie?" said Strawbery.

"uhhhhh, sure," said massie

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"Here we are," said Isaac.

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AJ (aj3books) "Heyy Cookie! Coming to the park with Straw, Kori, and me?" asked Massie.

"Um, sure. Can my friends come?" asked Cookie.

"Opposite of no," said Massie.

"Huh?" asked Kori

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"Ugh, it means yes," massie said.
"oh, okay!" she replied

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AJ (aj3books) "You are soo slow. If you want to become part of the Pretty Comittee yyou need to be quick!" snapped Massie

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"GotchaIamsosorryfornotbeingquickenoughIwilltryharder." she said.

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AJ (aj3books) "Stop talking like a LBR lam-o." said Massie

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