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AJ (aj3books) Okay people, introductions.

Yals,Arushi, Vandi, Jo, Antakur, and Funnycows all go to my school.
Fadhil,Rebecca, and Annika are other people(srry if you find that offensive)
And people, Hannah is one of my best friends online. The other is Tiffany(Snape luver)

And finally....

The Amazing Arti!!
Thank you thank you.

AND HEY OTHER PEOPLE! Get online MORE!! Or.. if you go to my school, I'll annoy you forever. Mhahahahaha (evil cat laugh)

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 16 comments Lol, you put Snape luver for Tiffany. And thank you, I liked to be known as one of your best friends online.

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AJ (aj3books) :) you are

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Jo (jogo) | 28 comments Mod
Hi Hannah! I'm Jo.... I'm an 8th grader at their school! I almost thought you were Hannah Curly from their class.
I guess not!
OMG *LITEBULB*!! You should totally friend me! I'm kinda clueless with this Goodreads thang, so coudja send me a request?
Cooollll thanx!

Hugs and Kisses to the rest of you preppy pretty pixies!
Jo :)

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AJ (aj3books) HEEHEE

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