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Julie woke up and yawned looking at the time. "5:00AM"he alarm clock said. She smiled and got out of bed and stretched. She went into the bathroom and closed the door taking a shower. She washed her hair and body then got out wrapping the towel around herself. She smiled looking in the mirror, as she brushed her hair and blew dry it. Once she was done she got dressed in some running cloths. She then jogged down the stairs as she put hr brown hair up. Her brother, Andrew, was already in the kitchen eating. "Hey"She greeted him and he smiled. "out for a run?"he asked as he put his bowl in the sink. Julie nodded "be back in an hour or so"She said throwing a sweatshirt on. He nodded tossing her, her cell phone and Ipod. She smiled "see you later!"she called and went outside taking their dog with them. Julie jogged down the road with their dog next to her.

Andrew sighed as he put the bowl in the dishwasher. He got his book and looked outside, a nice but cold day. He smiled and got his book and his backpack. In his pack he had a water bottle, some food, 2 books, library card, and his cell phone. He zipped the pack and walked to his favorite park. There he sat under a tree and read as the sun appeared slowly

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Name: Julia
age: 21
nickname: Julies
gender: female
personality: strong and daring. Not afraid to stand up for herself and for others. She never liked dresses or makeup. Julia is into acting and play so she spends most of her time working on lines
job: works at a local pharmacy store and when she can works at a threader where she acts
history: grew up with a mom that was a stripper and a dad who was drunk. Lives with her brother named Andrew
crush/bf: open
other: has a dog named Coal

Name: Andrew
age: 24
personality: kind nice funny. He loves jokes but never does anything mean. Very protective of people he loves and cares for. Shy and loves to read
job: works at book store
history: same as Julies
crush/gf: open

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Natalie Alison walked with her friends in the park. She was wearing a short short skirt that went over her tank top and she had a belt at the rim of her skirt. She wore a light sweater and flip flops and walked with her friends on the sidewalk of the park.

Brandt shot hoops on the basketball court beside his house for fun.

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Andrew was reading and looked up seeing Alison

Julie jogged pass Bandit listening to "grenade " on her IPOD

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Natalie ((sorry))
Alison kept walking with them and laughed. She didn't notice her scarf fell from her bag as she kept walking.

Brandt saw the basketball hit the rim and he turned to catch it and saw a girl running. He smiled, checking her out.

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Andrew noticed it thought and got up getting the scarf. HE smiled slightly and caught up "I think you dropped this"he muttered

Julie ignored him as she slowed down and stretched leaning to the left so he could see her side

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Natalie Alison stopped walking and turned to the guy who was holding her scarf. She smiled at him. "Thank you," she said kindly and grabbed the scarf and put it back in her bag. She noticed how hot he was. Her friend behind her accidently shoved her into him. She blushed.

Brandt chuckled and continued shooting hoops, not missing a single one.

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Andrew caught her and helped her stand red "that's ok"he muttered

Julie looked over and noticed the guy. "He was a little cute"she thought and decided to see if he noticed her. She stopped jogging taking off her sweatshirt to have a tight shirt on but kept her body hidden

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Natalie Alison smiled again and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Thanks again," she said kindly and turned around to walk with her friends. She nudged her friend, "Why would you shove me into him!" she snapped at her. Her friend giggled.

Brandt glanced back and smiled.

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Andrew watched a few seconds then turned away

Julie tied the sweatshirt around her waist then took off at a slow jog again

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Natalie Alison kept walking and glanced back at him and smiled a little to herself and turned back around. They kept walking.

Brandt chuckled and kept shooting. He hoped she would jog around here again.

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Andrew went back to his book, but found he couldn't concentrate and just kept thinking of the girl.

Julie jogged by again on the same side o the street

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Natalie Alison sighed, remembering the guy constantly. She glanced back at him again.

Brandt smiled at her and waved.

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Andrew put his book away

Julie smiled slightly and waved back

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Natalie Alison saw him put his book away.

Brandt took another shot and made it.

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Andrew got his pack and smiled

Julies watched Coal sniffing her leg

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Natalie Alison smiled at him and blushed.

Brandt smiled and saw the dog.

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Andrew smiled back

Coal barked at Brandit and Julie looked over

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Natalie Alison gave him a small wave.

Brandt smiled at her and the dog.

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Andrew waved back

Julie smiled slightly then went back to streching

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Natalie Alison wondered if she should introduce herself. She quickly walked over to him. "Oh, I'm Alison by the way but you can call me Ali," she said smiling, holding her hand out to him.

Brandt watched her.

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"Andrew"Andrew said smiling as he shook her head

"Let's go girl"Julie said to Coal and they jogged down the street

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Natalie Alison smiled. "Nice to meet you," she said, feeling herself blush as she quickly looked him over.

Brandt smiled and watched her jog back.

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Andrew smiled slightly "you here normally?"he asked

Julie jogged to her house....5 houses down

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Natalie Alison nodded. "Most of the time when I'm not at practice or stuff. How about you?" she asked him.

Brandt sighed and took off his shirt and got out his weights.

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Andrew nodded "I like reading here"he said

Julie went to her window which faced his house. There she sat down and watched him

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Natalie Alison sighed and smiled at him. "That's nice," she said, running a hand through her hair slowly. She wondered what he thought about her...

Brandt pushed to 400 and took a sip of water and kept going.

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"What do you do when your not here?"Andrew asked

Julie sighed and started taking her shirt off, but left the shade open

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Natalie "I usually have cheerleading or volleyball practice and I do some dance and stuff or I go to the mall or whatever..." she replied smiling.

Brandt glanced over and whistled, seeing her shirt off.

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Andrew nodded "that's cool"he said.

Julie didn't hear him but closed the shade. You could still see her outline as she undressd slowly

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Natalie Alison looked back to her friends. "Well, I better get going, it was nice talking to you," she said and smiled.
He was really cute.

Brandt stopped doing the weights and watched her.

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Andrew smiled "bye"he said walking away

Julie opened the shade but kept her body hidden teasi ng him

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Natalie Alison looked back at him one more time and kept walking.

Brandt smiled, shaking his head.

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Andrew left

Julie smiled

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Natalie Alison sighed, thinking about how she could see him again or if he lived nearby.
((we need to get some action with them soooonnnnn!))

Brandt went back to his weights.

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Andrew walked home

Julie watched

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Natalie ((some action like, him seeing her again and them hooking up and stuff :D))
Alison went back to her house with her friends.

Brandt kept going for a while, not getting tired.

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Andrew went to his house

Julie got dressed and went outside

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Natalie Alison put on a showy sports bra and spandex shorts and played volleyball with her friends.

Brandt didn't notice her and kept going.

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Andrew was walking home when he saw Alison

Julie jogged over in a sports bra and short shorts

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Natalie Alison continued to play, laughing with them.

Brandt looked over at her and winked.

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Andrew stopped and watched

"How many pouds is that?"

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Natalie Alison laughed and hit the ball hard and it hit her friend. She laughed and looked over and saw Andrew. "Oh hey!" she said smiling at him.

Brandt shrugged, "300, maybe 350," he said drinking some water.

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"Hrey"Andrew said noticing how sexy she was

Julie stared

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Natalie Alison stretched her arms and smiled. "What's up?"

Brandt grinned and flexed just a little so it wasn't obvious, seeing her reaction.

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Andrew shrugged "nothing much, that was a good hit"he said

"That's more than I weigh!"Julie said

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Natalie Alison smiled. "Thanks," she saw him watch her and she bit her bottom lips while smiling.

Brandt laughed. "Yup, but it's really not that hard,"

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Andrew smiled a little

Julie shook her head "oh I'm Julie"she said

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Natalie Alison sighed still smiling. She heard her friends come up behind her. "Well well well who's this Aliiii!" her friend said shoving her into Andrew again, his accidentally going to her half shown butt.

Brandt held out his hand. "Brandt"

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