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message 1: by Elaine, RoLePlAy PlEaSe (new)

Elaine | 45 comments Mod
We will be starting The olympics soon! Here we will create our countries! Create yours now!
National Anthem:
What is it known for?

Name: Elainatopia
Colors: Lime Green and purple
National anthem: Firework by Katy Perry
History: After they conquered (tba) they declared their freedom and took over the land, naming Elaine Corabeth Marie the president and named it Elainatopia. The rest TBA
Capital: Imsocrayzvile
Known for: Beautiful People, Great schools, never declared war, Acceptance of all, and great views

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Name:(Will think of something lmao x'D)
Colors: Black,red,purple @.@
National Anthem: The kiddie- Noah
History: is a small country no one's noticed so hasn't been in many wars
Capital :(will think of later not good with making up names x.x)
Known for: Music, the people

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Name: Bathenia
Colors: Black, Blue & White
National Anthem: Wake Me Up In September By Green Day
History: Bathenia was a huge country until it was split into 4 smaller countries. The other three are: Timbay, Lint, & Yehn
Capital: Gathena
What is it known for? Amazing Art & Vocal

message 4: by LungHuo* 龍火 * (last edited Feb 18, 2011 10:23AM) (new)

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments (does it have to be real continents and so on?)

Name: Umbran
Colors: Black with a golden lion in the middle
National Anthem: Εσμεν ικανοσ
History: A big country on the east coast of Aeonia. For about 300 years it wasn't involved in any war although it invests much in its military. It always kept an neutral stand in times of war and hid behind its long and massive wall. Over time the wall had been rebuilt and modernized for defending the country against airforces, too. The whole military system is based on defence so no nation ever saw Umbran as a danger.
Nevertheless the people of Umbran are quite open to everything new and are very friendly to foreigners.
Capital: Länékh
What is it known for? Food & Swimming and Deep Sea Gardens & Military

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Elaine | 45 comments Mod
(no, it can be where ever)

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