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Brad | 3 comments Inspirational Harvest Thanks Teamwork By Brad Perks
There is a small and obscure plaque along the Silverado Trail. It shows appreciation for ALL the people that help make Napa Valley great. Fans have learned to celebrate all the players, coaches and owners on the football field. Workers in the vineyards are a crucial part of the team of people making fine wine. I dedicated my book called Inspirational Harvest to the workers in the fields. Their hard physical labor helps make a sustainable harvest possible. I celebrate this teamwork and offer everyone my thanks.

Some people in the Napa Valley live in wealth and style. Some people sweat and struggle to survive. The workers deserve a safe and welcome place to call home. Their efforts contribute to the success of the wine industry. It is a good time to say thanks to all the people. It is a good time to say thanks to the Latino and Hispanic workers that help grow an abundant harvest in the vineyards. I think everyone’s family was an immigrant to America at one point in time. It is a continuing process that welcomes others to this land we call home.

I also created Harvest because of something Steve Irwin said. The Crock Hunter believed we would help save what we learned to love. I fell in love with the beauty of the Napa Valley appellations while capturing them on film. It became an adventure getting to know the different seasons of this rich land. I believe it is the tasteful blending of nature with vineyards that creates this magnificent agricultural preserve. Nature is refreshing the health of the entire green environment in the garden of man.

I wanted to share the beauty I see in the Napa Valley. I hope people will want to personally help grow a future that is sustainable. A future that is good for things wild, like the salmon trying to spawn in the Napa River. I hope we all do our part as a member of the team. We can learn to take green baby steps that are good for the environment, and good for the health of the workers in the fields.

We see tremendous growth all around us. Shopping centers and housing developments at every new fork in the road. The number of wineries increased 250% between 1995 and 2005. Wine grape production has increase 300% since 1988. It makes we wonder how far down the road will we really be in 25 years The road ahead is what we leave behind.

I applaud fundraisers like Auction Napa Valley. They show us fun and creative ways to help care for all of our people. I am thankful for organizations like the Napa Valley Land Trust. They protect over 50,000 acres of land that helps maintain the beauty and health of the Napa Valley. They connect kids with nature by providing education about the natural environment. The vistas in Harvest were only possible with the natural habitat they help preserve as forever wild.

My favorite quote is from Ansel Adams who said: “sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter”. I lived that quote when I found myself in the right place at the right time. I also learned you need to get out in some rain to find your rainbows. It was time for me to share the end of this rainbow. It is the right place and right time to care for the land, and celebrate all the people on the team that help make this Inspirational Harvest possible.
books at http://bradperks.com

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1071 comments Mod
Hello Brad and everyone.

Welcome to Happy & Brainy. Thank you for joining us.

Brad, good fortune on "Inspirational Harvest and Hope", and your beautiful website.

Have fun.

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Brad | 3 comments What a fun place to explore. Thank you for being part of todays adventure Ilyn, Harvest has found some wings.

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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1071 comments Mod
I just entered to win "Inspirational Harvest and Hope". I wish you all the best, Brad.

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