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Call of the Mall

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth Van Fossen (bethvf) What did you think of the book? I hate shopping at malls so it was hard for me to analogize the lessons of the book to libraries which I love.

message 2: by Son (new)

Son (libra_son) | 3 comments I liked it. It was easy to put down if I had to, but it was a fast read. I did notice there are changes (sometimes none) that have occurred since the book was published. I also hate shopping malls and love libraries, but did not find it hard to apply some of what he said. Goofy, but I was disappointed at the end--thought he'd want us to remember he parked in E6--I can't forget that detail!

message 3: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenpatzer) I also hate being in malls. I was frustrated with the book because I thought it just dragged on. I thought the author could have have stated his points much more concisely. As far as advice for libraries, I thought the most useful ideas were about landscaping and signage, the very things my library needs to improve.

message 4: by Rhodges4 (new)

Rhodges4 | 1 comments I don't spend much time in malls like I used to. I am just not much of a shopper. I started out liking his writing style and subject. I never put that much thought into shopping and I thought it was interesting until he actually got into the mall. Then it become exceedingly boring. I suppose there are useful concepts for libraries here. One of the main things I came to understand is that malls don't have to try so hard to get people inside. Libraries need signs and advertising to compete with malls for attention.

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