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1) No Rp'ing other people's characters.
2) No Anime for pictures unless the character format says you can.
3) You can cuss but don't go out of control with it.
4) Your characters may... uhm make love. But you must give a warning to those in the RP and make sure it is okay with the person you are rp'ing with.
5) Don't use the character folder for a chat room.
6) No being mean
7) Always listen to the mod
8) Ask the mod before you create a new roleplay or topic.
9) I will NOT make anyone else a mod;)
10) Have fun )

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Alex sat along the edge of the water moving a stick through it.

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She sighed boredly and tossed the stick in the water

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"Hey." Alex said

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"You bored?" she asked

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"Alright." Alex got up and started finding things to build the shelter

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Alex got some bamboo for the walls and carried them over to Kat. She then got some drift wood for the roof.

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She started putting the bamboo in the ground. Afterwards she started putting the driftwood up

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Mya woke up on a random island, she looked around, she couldn't see anyone.

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The top was finished so she put driftwood against the sides of the baboo.

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(Mya hasn't met anyone yet :P)

Mya felt a warm stick liquid on her arm. She looked at her arm, where it was bleeding really bad.

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Alex finished and got some large leaves and placed them inside.

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"It looks finished." she said and sat down

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"It should." she looked around.

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"I haven't seen anyone. So I guess."

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"Yeah." she got up

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"I honestly have no idea."

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"Yeah. That's sounds good." Alex headed towards the other side of the island

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"How long do you think it'll take?" Alex asked

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"Yeah." she said.

Austin sat on a rock watching some monkies

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"Oh hey." Alex said following.

Austin kicked at the dirt boredly

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"Hi." he replied

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"About a day." he said. "What about you two?"

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"I dunno. I havent seen anyone else."

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"If you want."

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Austin got up, "Well lets look."

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They all went into the shelter. "Well so much for others." Alex said

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"True." she said. "I could always make some stuff from the island that we could use to spear fish or other animals." Austin said

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'Yeah." he said. "My uncle taught me."

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(gtg soon) Austin just stood there not noticing

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"Hawaii. What about you?"

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(haha that's funny and you spelt it right)

"That's cool"

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(haha yeah)

"That sucks."

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"That's not right." he replied

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Mya just sat in the sand bored.

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(where is she supposed to go?!)

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Mya got up, drenched in rain. She walked around, she saw a shelter and walked to it, she lightly knocked on the door, "Hello?"

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Mya was relieved and surprised to see people. She came in, "Thank you so much"

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Mya nodded a little, "I'm Mya"

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"Hi." Austin and Alex said

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"Hey" she said.

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Austin leaned against the baboo. Alex sat down

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