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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. boy & man search for sunken spanish treasure ship [s]

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Karen (kalibarb) | 11 comments Old (1970s or before) scholastic book about a man, a teen-age boy (I think named Johnny) and a search for a sunken Spanish treasure ship.

The man (retired navy guy?) finds a logbook from a sunken spanish treasure ship and goes to search for it. The homeless teen stows away on his sail boat.

Bad guys are searching for the sunken treasure also. They capture the man and teen and torture them with leather bands tied around their wrists. The man is able to release signal flags on the mast of his ship to alert a navy(?) buddy who then rescues them.

There is also an encounter with a giant squid when diving for the sunken treasure ship.

In the end the teen uses some money from the treasure to buy a bicycle like he had always wanted as a kid. He rides it once and gives it to a boy who looks like he wants a bike as badly as the teen used to.

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Wyntrnoire | 17 comments It sounds very much like Secret Sea by Robb White.

Karen (kalibarb) | 11 comments I don't really recognize the title, but I do recognize the author! I think you are right and this is it.

Unfortunately goodreads doesn't have a summary of this book, and the book is not at my public library.

I read this story so many, many times as a kid! Hope I can find it online somewhere.

Thank you!!

Karen (kalibarb) | 11 comments Wyntrnoire, you were right! That's the book! Found it on www.paperbackswap.com.

Thank you so much!!!

"Secret Sea — A dying Cuban, terrified by a nameless, sinister "tall one," leaves naval officer Pete Martin a clue to a sunken Spanish treasure ship. — With only a brash waterfront urchin as crew, Pete sets sail in his old schooner, pursued by the "tall one: in a radar-equipped yacht. — Outwitting the enemy in a storm, they find the prize guarded by a monster octopus, and the menacing black yacht again on their trail. "

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Wyntrnoire | 17 comments You're welcome!

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Rainbowheart | 19040 comments Secret Sea for the link.

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