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Supernatural: The Animation!

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message 1: by Ashley Marie (last edited Feb 17, 2011 12:19AM) (new)

Ashley Marie Okay all of you Anime fans get ready for the Supernatural Anime! It looks awesome! It comes out this month too! *faints*


message 2: by Becca (new)

Becca (goblinfan) Holy crap! When and where? Please you must tell me!!!

message 3: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie I'm not sure where it will be online or on TV. I'm researching now. I'm trying to find out from Japanese friends. I don't think it'll be popular enough to be on CrunchyRoll. That would be awesome though! You on CR?

If anyone else finds out, let us know! Please. :D

message 4: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie As for the when... it starts Februrary 23rd.

Here's some more info if you're interested. :D

message 5: by Becca (new)

Becca (goblinfan) Thanks Ashley. I have a feeling I'm going to miss it, no matter how hard I try to find it. Just my luck. And I have no idea what CrunchyRoll is.

message 6: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie Oh it's just a site where you can watch anime for free, and if you sign up for a membership you can watch even more. Plus it has social networking components. :D

message 7: by Ash (new)

Ash You can see an episode (may or may not be the first - it's in Japanese with no English subs) through HYUMAN's DeviantArt journal.


or straight here:

It's all from HYUMAN - not me. Check out their SPN fanart while you're there so I don't feel like I'm not crediting them or something. :) You'll never find more hilarious Supernatural fanart.

message 8: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie Thank you, Ash. <333

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