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message 1: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments I'm really depressed. Buffalo Street Books, the last independent bookstore in Ithaca (which at least used to be practically an upstate NY mecca of hippies and granola), just announced that it's closing. And then, I learned that Borders is closing a bunch of stores, including its one in Ithaca, which leaves only Barnes & Noble as far as buying new books goes (and it's pretty clear that B&N is only doing okay because of the Nook).

Now, I don't actually buy many new books (very very few, in fact...I mostly buy used or get them from the library), but it just makes me so sad when bookstores close. Plus, I feel like maybe the indie bookstore could get more traffic once Borders is closed, but we'll never know...

So now that I've expressed my sadness, I'll give you guys something to actually respond to: What do you think about all of these closing bookstores? Do you buy a lot of your books new? Do you shop at independent bookstores?

I suppose this is inevitable as we move toward ebooks, but I just wasn't expecting it so soon...

message 2: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) I buy most of my books used, but some new. I shop mainly at local mom and pop bookstores. I am lucky that I live in a college town and that allows more independent bookstores to stay alive.

message 3: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Borders is closing several locations. I just scored some sweet deals, though.

message 4: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments That's good :) Yeah, I want to go to the Borders here and the indie bookstore while they're emptying their stock so I can get good deals haha. For once I may be able to afford new books...

message 5: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Exactly. It's sad that they're closing, but I'm in college and new books are extremely expensive, so I'm just looking at it that way.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porkchop0911) I really truely think that now is the time the mom and pop shops should really be thriving. I know i just went this weekend and bout 9 or 10 books for just under 30 dollars mixed of hard and paperbacks. I have and ereader but there is just something about holding a book in your hand that an ereader doesnt give you. This website is great and then the local mom and pop shops because you are not saving money with a ereader you are just pretty much saving shelf space. Because most of the books that i have looked into on an ereader are the same price if not a lil more. So i feel as though i should jsut be buying paper copies. I am not hurting for space so its great.

message 7: by Meg (new)

Meg (aurawn) | 44 comments I think it's sad that these bookstores are closing. No matter how much I love my Kindle, there's just something special about wandering up and down the aisles of a good bookstore, looking at the pretty covers and turning the pages of a brand-new, never cracked open book. Ah, that new book smell.

But, well, I can't afford to spend $25 on a new hardcover, especially when I can get two or three brand new books for the same amount of money on Amazon, or dozens of used books elsewhere. I wish I could support these bookstores - especially indie/independent bookstores - but at this stage in my life, I depend on used bookstores (honestly, I buy the majority of my books online from Amazon - physical books and ebooks) or borrow them from the library.

message 8: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments Do you guys know if there is a particular date for the Borders closings, or is it individually by each store? I'm hoping to go next week sometime to take advantage of the sales since I'm up near a closing one by my parent's house.

message 9: by Roshio (new)

Roshio | 53 comments Its quite sad actually. I didn't think of the bookstores until I heard about Borders closing up. I just recently got into buying my books online cause its so cheap but I still love going into bookstores and just browsing which is awful really as I never buy books from them anymore (I'm a student though, money's not exactly rolling), but still the guilt is still there. I do go to my local second hand store a lot, and I buy from them, but its been a while since I bought a nice new shiny book from a normal bookstore. I've also really got into checking the library before thinking of buying a book.
I was planning to just order The Wise Man's Fear from Amazon, but I might just support the bookshops.

message 10: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments This is a completely unique situation, but the bookstore I mentioned in my first post, Buffalo Street Books, is now going to be turning into a cooperative store instead of closing! About 700 people in the Ithaca area pledged some amount of money, and then when the stores opens as a cooperative there are going to be I think a couple hundred "owners" who will run the store. This is the kind of thing that really only happens in places like Ithaca, but it's still awesome!

I was in our Borders yesterday, though, and it's pretty depressing seeing so many bare shelves.

message 11: by Elatsoe Stan (new)

Elatsoe Stan | 21 comments Nowadays I only buy used when I can help it. We have a great set of mom-and-pop used bookstores here. If I can't find it at a brick and mortar, I do try for, which donates its proceeds. Because I have that student freebie account for now that does that 1-2 day shipping, if I'm in a pinch it's Amazon to the rescue. Still, I think more support of local bookstores in general is the way to go. It is sad about these larger bookstores losing business, but it's easier for me to personalize the smaller bookstores because they tend to literally be run by one guy (usually with a personable cat) who knows a lot about books. Can't beat that...

message 12: by Jen (new)

Jen (wishesandwanderlust) | 696 comments One of the Borders by me was on the list to close but now they're staying open (for the time being anyway). I don't go there often but it will be depressing if they end up closing.

Natanya, that's great to hear about your local bookstore! That's awesome that so many people donated money so the bookstore doesn't have to close!

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