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Rachael | 362 comments Amy Poe hummed a tune to herself and hoped none of her sisters would make her jealous somehow. Today was the special day, the day that she would be presented to Princess Zelda. When all the young girls came of twelve years of age they were taken to the Castle to see the Princess. Then, the families of the girls would hold a party in the center of Hyrule Castle Town.

Amy had put on her best dress, the one that was emerald green that best complemented her complexion and towhead blond hair. Her dress had lime green lace and a ribbon, and she had a lime green bow for her hair. Truthfully, the dress was a simple design, without much form or fancy additions, but even with that, it was still one of the nicest dresses in town. Her father was a shop owner and so respectably wealthy. All the girl's had one fancy dress, and the dress color best represented that girl's personality.

Amy turned to Meg, her oldest sister who had already been to see the Princess two years before. Meg was naturally downplaying Amy's honor, as was Joelle . "Oh, it's nothing special," Meg insisted. "I thought that I was more beautiful than the Princess by far when I went to see her." Meg was horribly vain. Joelle laughed. "Princess Zelda is quite young as well, younger than me and Meg, I think she is the same age as you, twelve. I guess that doesn't make her have any less wisdom though, she is famed for that."

Amy stuck out her tongue, "You two just don't want me to get excited about seeing the inside of the beautiful castle and having Princess Zelda maybe speak a few words of wisdom to me. You are also jealous that I'm the only one of my age so I'm going alone and you had to endure the company of four other girls and the Princess didn't say anything to you but just politely nodded when you did your perfect curtsy and allowed you to kiss her hand just like she did to the other girls." Meg's face practically turned purple and Joelle went silent, seething with rage. The morning was not off to a perfect start.

Just then, the palace carriage rolled up and Amy ran outside to get in. She left behind an indignant Meg, a raging Joelle, and a tearful Beth who was worriedly thinking about when her time would come. Meg turned to her own purple dress and fumed at it and Joelle just burned up inside as she grabbed her scarlet dress out of the closet. Beth had her deep blue dress on and managed to calm herself so as not to ruin it.

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"Princess? Princess, are you ready?" the voice of Zelda's lady in waiting was muffled by the door to her room.
"Come in, May," Zelda called out and May opened the door and stepped in.
Zelda was a stubborn princess and never let her lady in waiting dress or bathe her. May was sixteen, one year younger than Zelda, and they were the best of friends.
"Who am I meeting today?" Zelda asked, pushing one last decorative pin into her hair.
"Her name is Amy Poe," May replied, moving to tie a large white sash around the Princess's middle.
"I have met two of her sisters, haven't I?"
"Yes, you have," May answered simply.
"All right, I'm ready," Zelda said, pulling on her white, elbow length gloves. She wore a full pink dress that had intricate designs on the bottom that simplified as they moved upward and faded away by the time they reached the sash. She wore one simple diamond around her neck.
"I think this is the fanciest dress you've worn to a coming of age ceremony," May told the princess.

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Rachael | 362 comments Amy gawped at all the fancy stonework on the outside of the castle and nearly gasped as she was led into the throne room. She was deathly pale as she did her best curtsy to the Princess and couldn't help noticing that her sisters had dreadfully lied about the Princess's age. 'Twelve indeed!' Amy thought. She's got to be seventeen at least! She shivered as she noticed a dark man with red hair lurking in a corner of the room. 'That must be that strange man from the Gerudo desert come to swear fealty to the King. I don't know if I would believe anything he says' Amy, then noticed the Princesses dress, she turned from deathly pale to bright red as she thought about how proud she had been of her own dress. She then turned even redder at the knowledge that she was blushing in front of the Princess. She wanted to blurt something out, anything, to break the tension but she wasn't certain if it was proper to speak before the Princess did.

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Zelda could see how nervous Amy was, so she gave the girl a reassuring smile. The princess liked this girl already, more so than most of the others she had met over the years.
"Your name is Amy, correct?" Zelda asked kindly. May lingered in the back, watching the girl.

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Rachael | 362 comments Hearing her name gave Amy courage. She lifted her head and said in a clear voice. "Yes." Even as she was speaking her jealous nature won out and she was looking at all the fancy things in the room and wishing that she could live in a place with tapestries and carpets and stained glass windows. She noticed a serving girl lingering in a corner and thought 'I am not so proud that I wouldn't say no to being a servant just so that I could live here.' She was being a selfish and ungrateful child to her Father, who wasn't really her father. The girls had questioned him about the fact that they all looked so different and finally he admitted that one day he had come out to find a baby on his doorstep. For the next three years when he came out on that day he had found one of them. First Meg, then Joelle, then Amy, and finally Beth. Amy was just thinking about the things that she didn't have, not the things that she had already been blessed with because of living with the Shopkeeper. She continued after a short pause. "My sisters have been here and you are much more magnificent than they could describe."

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"Thank you," Zelda said, smiling. She had dressed up a bit more than usual today..
"Your dress is lovely. Green is a wonderful color on you."

May glanced around the room, and spotted Gannon behind Zelda.. Why was he there?

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((I think that, unless/until someone makes Gannon as a charrie, he can be played by anyone. Same with Link and other important charries))

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Rachael | 362 comments Amy beamed and brushed her short blond hair out of her eyes. "Thank you Princess, I think that maybe I should go now? My family will be anxious to hear from me and to get started on the party in town."

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Zelda smiled down at the girl, "If you wish. It was nice to meet you."

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Rachael | 362 comments Amy smiled, did another curtsy, turned around, and was escorted from the room to the awaiting carriage. The Princess Zelda had spoken to her! She hadn't said any words of wisdom or prophesied but that was even better. Amy wasn't a perfect girl by a long shot, so, she planned to make up something on the way home and tell her sisters that that is what the Princess said. When she got home she burst out of the carriage, ran up the stairs into the girl's room and flung herself dramatically on her bed with a sob. "Sisters!" She cried, loving theatrics. "The Princess has pronounced doom upon our heads unless we mend our ways! I am the first to admit that I am extremely jealous in nature, and you Meg, are vain, Joelle, you have the nastiest temper in all of Hyrule! Beth, you must stop being depressed all the time. If this doesn't happen, something horrible will befall all of us!" Even though Amy was making it up, she had no idea how close to the truth she was.

Meg, Joelle, and Beth all scowled. "Why did she prophecy to you." they all said in unison. "Oh, well, I'm not certain if I believe you." Meg said.
"Come on," Joelle added, "Let's go to the party."

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Once the girl had gone, Zelda turned back to May. She spotted Gannon near the back of the room. Why was he there?

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Ruth Ganon watched, completely bored, as the village girl curtsied and looked as though she was going to faint onto the floor. If she did, he wasn't going to catch her, let her lie there until she woke up. Luckily, that didn't happen, so he wasn't forced to make apologies that he didn't do anything. He saw Zelda, the princess heir to the throne, looking at him. He had to suppress a sneer, let her look! He was only here at the bequest of her father, the old fool, who had wanted his daughter to be looked after during this stupid ceremony. As if any of the villagers who came would be assassins or some such. She had more to fear from him, he'd be taking her throne. If only he had some clue as to where the entrance to the Sacred Realms were! He suspected Zelda might hold one of the triforces, but he didn't know which. Courage? Or Wisdom?

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May moved to stand by Zelda, who smiled at her friend before turning to Ganon, "My father asked you to be here, didn't he?" Then she mumbled to May, "Father never fully trusts our guards."
"Though I don't know why he trusts Ganon," May whispered back. Zelda suppressed the smile that threatened to spread across her face.

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Rachael | 362 comments Joelle was angry at her little snip of a sister, Amy. The girl was obviously just trying to make them jealous, the only person who probably believed her was Beth. Their father called up to the girls from downstairs that he was leaving and that they better hurry up. Joelle tossed her long red hair and flounced downstairs, with her sisters following. They reached the town square in no time and Joelle sat at her favorite spot by the fountain. She noticed that the girl from Lon Lon Ranch, Malon was there. 'Probably waiting for her lazy bum of a father.' She thought, uncharitably. She then drew her attention to helping her sisters set up the party, it would no doubt start a little while after dark.

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Rachael | 362 comments ((I'm not making a character for Malon since this is probably the only time I will be posting from her point of view.))

Malon smiled as her father came from the castle. "At least you didn't fall asleep this time." As they left Malon glanced wistfully at the party, wanting to join but knowing that if they waited until it started then they would have to stay in Hyrule Castle Town until it ended.

Beth noticed Malon leaving and felt sad. She had wanted to become friends with her, and maybe get a tour of Lon Lon Ranch some time. Beth turned her attentions to finishing setting up the party but made a note in her mind to ask her father if they could visit Lon Lon Ranch.

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Ruth ((Sure..... On a new tangent))

Link galloped on Epona, enjoying the wind and the speed. He didn't know where he was going, but he was enjoying it.

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((deleted!!! I also delete that last conversation too...))

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((Oh, Since I deleted Ganon's reply to Zelda, You're going to have to redo that, Ruth. Sorry :/))

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Ruth Janal stalked the Hyrule castle walls, searching for treasure. Surely a place like this would have treasures. She peered into the throne room stealthily, eyes darting back and forth between the princess, her handmaid, and the large Gerudo man in the room. She'd have to distract him, if she could do that, then she could kidnap the Princess and ransom her for a large sum of money. She slipped into the shadows and tried to think of what to do.

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Zelda shrugged off the situation and turned away from Gannon. He could do what he wanted. Sure, she and May were suspicious of him, and she would never ever trust him herself, but he was her father's assistant, not hers.

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Rachael | 362 comments Beth and her disgruntled sisters journeyed to Lon Lon Ranch. Malon and her father were confused as to why they were there but they showed them in.

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((hmm, how can we roleplay with you Rachael?))

message 24: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Janal gave a sigh of relief, the man just walked out of the room, leaving the Princess and her maid alone. She ran up and grabbed the Princess, holding her sword to her throat.

"You're coming with me!" She clapped a hand over her mouth so that she would'nt scream. Janal spoke to the maid,

"If you value her life you won't make a sound, you're coming too."

(btw. eventually I'm gonna take you to lon lon ranch, and then we can interact with Rachael, who's there.)

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((oh goodie!))

Zelda restrained the urge to panic. Instead, she continued to stand tall. May on the other hand, had a break down and she started to cry. She bawled as Janel dragged her and the Princess along. Zelda wanted to comfort her friend, but she knew even if her mouth wasn't covered, it wouldn't do any good.

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Ruth Janal lead Zelda out of the palace with her maid, no one dared stop her for fear she'd get hurt. She forced her to get on a horse in front of her, and the maid got on a horse that followed behind them. They galloped away as fast as possible toward Lon Lon Ranch. When they arrived Janal left Zelda and the maid on the horses and found the owner or the ranch. She threatened him with her sword.

"You'll let us stay here or I'll kill the Princess!" The man was clearly terrified. He nodded his head and swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing rigorously. Janal smiled. "Good"

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Zelda continued to sit up straight and dignified, refusing to show any fear. The tears were streaming freely down May's face, however. May had been crying for the last hour and a half, but Zelda just waited patiently, trying to decide what to do.

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Rachael | 362 comments The Poes all peeked around a corner and gasped to see the somewhat scantily clad foreigner holding a sword to Malon's Dad. They were all horrified to hear that the Gerudo pirate had the Princess captive. Meg thought, I have a much better fashion sense than this barbarian. Before she could stop herself she leaped around the corner and shouted. "Unhand that man, you barbarian. Or feel my wrath!"

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May began to squirm on top of her horse. Zelda heard her maid's vain attempts and turned to give her a glare that said to stop. May was too far into shock to head the look and continued to wiggle until she had succeeded in falling of the horse, and face planting on the hard earth.

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Ruth Janal laughed in the girls face.
"Your wrath? Ha! I could kill you with a hand tied behind my back!" She turned and saw the maid fall to the ground.
"Hey You! Stop messing around!" she turned around to the man again.
"You, show us where we can sleep. I'll deal with everything in the morning."

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Rachael | 362 comments Meg blushed, she knew that the foreigner was right. Joelle wasn't beaten yet though, she was furious that this woman had ruined their plans to have a nice time. She signaled to her sisters and all four of them ran to a back door. Joelle told them her plan and they all grinned. It would be perfect.

They gathered fire ants, the nastiest, meanest, bugs in all the land and they put them in the bedroom that Malon's Dad had just shown her. They didn't put them directly in the bed, they thought that the foreigner might notice them quickly if they did that.

But the room was practically filled, plus, with less clothing on, the woman would be sure to get bit a lot. It might not stop her, but it wouldn't hurt to try. And if questioned, they could show their own bites that they had gotten while catching the bugs and say that all of the rooms had the same problem.

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Zelda was incredibly bored by the time Malon's father had given Joelle a room. She wondered where she and May would be forced to sleep.

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Ruth The first thing Janal did was drag the mattress off the bed, she preferred sleeping closer to the floor. She was glad she did, because thousands of tiny bugs crawled out. She shrieked before gathering her power and summonning Din's fire (yes I know this isn't canonical, but she's Gerudo, so I figured it sorta fit for her to have that power. She doesn't have any of the others though.) All the little bugs burned to a crisp, bbut she had to stomp out several fires that started. After that she was exhausted, so she lay down on the charred mattress and tried to get to sleep smelling of smoke. No bug bites though.

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The sun fell and Zelda and May were still left out on the horses! Now Zelda was losing her patience. May had fallen asleep where she had fallen.

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((Did we all forget about this?))

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Rachael | 362 comments ((I guess!))

Beth crept outside, and saw the Princess and her handmaiden. She quickly went over and untied them. "Come on," she whispered. "I'll wake the others up and we can go back to the Castle, or even go to a different part of the Kingdom. Which do you want to do?"

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Tears formed in May's eyes again.
"I want to go home," she sniffed softly. Zelda shook her head, "The castle obviously isn't safe right now. That's the first place our captors will look."

((Who's Link anyways?))

message 38: by Ruth (new)

Ruth I was Link and also I was Janal, but life has been getting too busy for me to do this so I'm actually leaving this group and someone else can take over those charries.

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aaawwww :(

message 40: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 76 comments Kael captain of the guard was preparing a trap for the intruder by cutting a hole in the floor and covering it with a rug

message 41: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 76 comments Janal: what are you doing you're supposed to be sweeping Kael: just fixing a wrinkle (Kael slowly edges behind janal) (Kael charges Janal but Janal sidesteps and Kael plummets)

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Rachael | 362 comments Joelle, Amy, Beth, Meg, Princess Zelda, and her Handmaiden decided that drastic times must have drastic measures. They fled on horses to reach the Kingdom of the Zoras, certainly another King would help them. They were glad they had Princess Zelda along because she knew what to do when she saw the triforce symbol. She hummed a melody and the way parted. When they got there they were dismayed to find that the King of the Zoras had troubles of his own, his daughter had gone missing as well.

Meg sniffed "I don't know why we expected help from a fish anyway. What could he do? Smell bad and make that lady chasing us faint?"

Joelle muttered angrily, "I don't see why he's so worried. How long has she been gone? Less than twenty four hours? She's probably out playing somewhere and has forgotten the time. He's being ridiculous!"

@Hylian Princess, I hope you don't mind if I have your character speak a little.

Princess Zelda soothed, "Girls, girls stop this. The fact that we are inside his Kingdom makes us safe. Only those with the royal melody can get inside. I'm the only one who knows about it."

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((I don't mind at all, but I'm a little confused as to what's going on..))

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Rachael | 362 comments Hylian Princess wrote: "((I don't mind at all, but I'm a little confused as to what's going on..))"

Well I don't know who Kael is or how he popped up but I basically took us from Lon Lon Ranch to Zora's Domain. Janal, your kidnapper, is still at Lon Lon Ranch.

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oh okay. Did you rescue Zelda and May then?

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Rachael | 362 comments Hylian Princess wrote: "oh okay. Did you rescue Zelda and May then?"


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Mary blinked, seriously confused.
"Honestly, I don't feel safe. One moment we were kidnapped, the next we're in Zora's Domain and I don't remember anything in between! Zelda smiled at her maid, "Maybe you need some sleep."

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Rachael | 362 comments Malon made the decision, "Father, I am going to go and check up on that Gerudo lady and the Poe sisters." She went up the stairs and opened the door. Janal seemed poised to attack. Malon took a step forward... "Ahhhh!" and fell down a hole in the floor. She spluttered and coughed "Who did this to our floor?!!!" It'll take forever to get it fixed! How do I get out?"

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Andrew | 76 comments Kael: who the heck are you?

message 50: by Rachael (new)

Rachael | 362 comments Malon glared at the man. "I'm the person who owns this place! Well, my Father owns it but that is beside the point. This is my home and first we have the Poe sisters show up unexpectedly, then the Princess and a Gerudo lady on their heels and now you!"

Then she noticed he was in uniform. "Oh!, you must be a member of the Hylian guard. I'm certain you'll be a gentleman and help me out of this hole, then get rid of Janal, and then fix the hole all with no extra charge. After all, we do pay our fair tribute to the King every year and this has to be where it pays off. I'm certain you'll get paid eventually by your commanding officer. I'll even have Dad lend you a horse so that you can go wherever you need to. As long as you bring it back when you are done. I'll even give you a glass of the famous Ramoni milk if you come back with the horse safe and sound. It's worth 200 rupees so you better be grateful."

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