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Hmm I dunno what books do'you like? We can use that as a starting point. I like:

Harry Potter
Chaos Walking (The Knife of Never Letting Go, etc.)
Stuff by Kate DiCamillo
Dragon Rider

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Huh, you wanna just make this a simple, every-day life RP?

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I'll start:

Amalivia rounded the corner, her pup, Foreigner, on her heels.

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A friend thing, I s'ppose... unless you'd like to do otherwise...

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"Hey, Alice, you ready for the mid-terms next Wednesday?"

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Amilivia grinned, "I won't... hey, you wanna go over to the Dairy Queen? It's just across the road..."

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At the Diary Queen...

"Hi, I'll grab a Midnight Truffle Blizzard, please." said Amilivia.

"What size?"


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((You wanna turn this into some horror-y morbid thing? I just noticed you like horror... me too))
Amilivia took her blizzard with a polite, "thank you."
She sat at the nearest table, then abruptly stood up.
"Eww," she said, putting a hand to her ((uhhhmmmm)) butt and noticing that on the seat was a pool of blood. She licked her now-bloody hand.
"O-negative... pretty rare." she said curiously.

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((Okay, I'll make the blood slushie sugar))
"Er.. no." said the clerk, "A client recently spilled a cherry slushie right there so..."

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Hanul wrote: "((I don't really like horror....))"

((Oops!!! I was reading Laura's comment; you guys both have dark icons and I didn't read the name :P))

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((Fail for me))

Amilivia looked at the clerk, "I'll sue you."

"Uh... Of course! Come along, m'dear!" said the woman motioning to both girls with her hand. She led them into the back room, "The only other clothes we have are employee clothing, sorry."

"That's fine."

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Amilivia changed into the Dairy Queen employee getup.

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((F*** my life))

"Really?!?!" she asked, pulling on the red, white and orange uniform.

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((Sorry for bein' late to reply!!!))

Amilivia shrugged and picked up her old clothing, "Let's go."

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(( :) ))

Amilivia stumbled out behind Alice. "Where to?"

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"The park, perhaps?"

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Amilivia led the way out of the building into the alleyway.

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"The dogs! I forgot about them! Oh, Henri!!!" Amilivia rushed back, through the DQ, then to the tree where she and Alice had tied up their dogs. Henri, Amilivia's Maltese, was very excited.

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"Henri, Henri, Henri." she muttered, untying him.

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Amilivia picked Henri up, "Sorry, pupup!"

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"I think the pups forgive us, now." she joked.

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"C'mon, Henri."

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