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Osvaldo Ortega I work at a private (Catholic) High School that every summer we have a school-wide read, any opinions on whether this book should be recommended for that reading?


Osvaldo Ortega Anyone, any comments on this? How appropriate is 'Armor' for a school read?

Philip I've read it and listened to the audiobook- excellent story. As far as a school wide read for a Catholic school, I dunno. It's got a good deal of profanity throughout with a bit of sex here and there(nothing very graphic if memory serves). It would depend on what is tolerable for your school wide reads. I personally would let my 17 year old son read it, and I am attentive to the presence of objectionable material in books. Armor is one of my favorite books, I find it inspiring and it speaks well of duty and self-sacrifice. Hope that helps.

Michael I agree. One of my favorite books but anyone under 17 might be overwhelmed with the material. It's a very dark story. I would look in to a novel called Meg by Steve Alten. Last time I checked he had this thing called adopt an author. It has to do with reading his books in school.

Osvaldo Ortega Well it seems that the book was chosen for the school-wide read. I am a little bit concerned about the material but the story was so inspiration to me when I was going to school that I think it is a valid choice. Besides it is not a mandatory school-wide read. But very very happy about the choice.

Philip Let us know how it all works out to satisfy our curiosity. Do you plan on re-reading it yourself?

Osvaldo Ortega Oh yes, its my job to write the blip and the review questions.

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