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message 1: by Haylee (new)

Haylee | 8 comments Mod
Welcome to Got Nook!The purpose of this group is just to be a place where people can swap and share epubs and Nook books. Please publish your list of lendable books in the Nook List section and enjoy!

message 2: by Kimmarie (new)

Kimmarie (kimmarie211) | 7 comments Hi Haylee and Morgan :-)

love love love my nook! This is the first time in a long time that I have indulged myself with something that is not a "need" but totally a "want", lol. And I have ZERO buyers remorse :-)

message 3: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo Hiya, I'm had my nook since the summer. And even though I'm still reading all my regular books I still do alot of nook reading. If anything it's helping me with not buy as many books since I was a bookbuyingholic. Let's just say I I have alot of unread books.

message 4: by Haylee (new)

Haylee | 8 comments Mod
Welcome and thanks for joining. I am a book-a-holic myself (they should have a 12 step program for reading/Nook). Anyway look forward to talking/sharing

message 5: by Haylee (new)

Haylee | 8 comments Mod
So my friend created this group on Facebook to try to get even more lenders. Come join!

message 6: by Kimmarie (new)

Kimmarie (kimmarie211) | 7 comments I "liked" the group, does that make me a member? :-)

message 7: by Julie (new)

Julie Hi. I've decided to join this group because it is small and we all seem to have somewhat similar taste in books. I will post my books available to lend soon.

message 8: by Kimmarie (new)

Kimmarie (kimmarie211) | 7 comments Welcome Julie!

message 9: by FloeticFlo (new)

FloeticFlo Yay! I love this!

message 10: by Jeanna (new)

Jeanna (jeannafields) Hi - I am new to my Nook Color and all ereaders so I am in the learning process. I have no idea what an epub. is so looks like I have some learning to do ;). I do have some books - only 7 to lend. I will get my list up soon. Thanks!

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