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ending ideas?

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Bfisher is it just me, or has anyone else had nothing else better to do, that they have made up their own "happy ending" for the story?

Mariah Krist I read that this one book reviewer got an advanced copy of We'll Always Have Summer (much to her utter joy) and wrote her review and chose to read it - SUCH A BAD MOVE!!! Turns out yes there are some chaps from Conrad's POV (THANK GOD)but apparently he just "pops up now and then, " and there is a ton of emotion for Belly who is serious in her relationship with Jere who spill a "big secret" to their families and rejection from her mom about something but of course the book reviewer refused to tell who Bells ends up with but i guess Conrad's been giving Jere and Belly some "space." But she does say that when reading "Conrad's thoughts" she had an "Oh wow," moment. But cut off there. Let me just say she is SOOO lucky!!!! Maybe I should become a book reviewer. So she does give a little summary of her own of the book but barely gives any detail about the story itself. But it sounds sooo good and couldn't believe she was soo damn lucky to get an ADVANCED copy!! ('Scuse my language.)She says it was beyond great and she couldn't put her down. So if u wanna read this review go ahead but heed my warning, it might just make u want to punch something. To think she got an early copy!!

Oh and here is a quote she leaks to us on page three of the book.

"My two great loves. I think I always knew I would be Belly Fisher one day. I just didn't know it would happen like this." Which in my view is no different than the epilogue of Its Not Summer Without You.

Here is the link!!


Kelsey I honestly have no idea. I really want her to end up with Conrad, but I think that may change once we find out what exactly has gone on between where the last book ended and this one started. That review seems all over the place, I'd love to read one that's kind of ~flowy~ and can tell us what to expect besides secrets and rejection..just ugh!

I kind of had the idea that maybe the 'secret' Belly has as well is that she did something with Conrad while she was with Jeremiah, and Conrad up and left to 'give her space' because he didn't want t ruin her happiness again. I dunno though..and it seems only likely that Jeremiah and Belly are going to get married/they got engaged, but I also had the idea of maybe their talking about taking time off of college and going backpacking? Or maybe their going to move in together? Those are both big things, and I guess we could take into consideration that Jenny wouldn't pull quite as big a stunt as making them get engaged. I dunno though, this just came to me.

Any thoughts?

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