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message 1: by Shad (last edited Feb 15, 2011 07:04PM) (new)

Shad (shadrach) | 16 comments This is listed as an author and I'm going through as per the Things For Librarians To Do thread. I was wondering about this:

Seems like the author should be "Anonymous" but didn;t want to change it because I'm not sure. A search on WorldCat, Amazon and the publisher's site tells me nothing.

Anyone opposed to me listing as Anonymous?

message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments As a Kindle book, the only place that edition exists is on Amazon, and Amazon seems to think that this is the only edition of the book at all. So we might as well go with Amazon's attribution to Anonymous. It does seem that the author is deliberately withheld, although I can't see why!

message 3: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl It seems like New Century Books is the second author ("editor") on many books, some of them public domain.

Anyone opposed to me listing as Anonymous?

It depends. Are you talking about for that one work, or for the author as a whole? I am extremely opposed to folding that entire author under "Anonymous" as it just adds confusion. You're going suddenly from specific publisher to vast amorphous category, which doesn't help from a cataloging perspective.

I'd rather have additional librarian input before you make edits to the author, Shad.

message 4: by Lobstergirl (last edited Feb 15, 2011 07:19PM) (new)

Lobstergirl Even on that specific book, I don't see the benefit of going from author "New Century Books" to Anonymous. What's the benefit?

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26081 comments I've been working on New Century as well and generally been leaving the anonymous ones till last as we started at 1100 books.

I agree with Lobstergirl that just leaving them with anonymous means they'll be lost in the db.

message 6: by Shad (new)

Shad (shadrach) | 16 comments I don't know if there is a benefit either way. The instructions said New Century is a publisher. That's why I ask here. Some have clear authors with New Century as a second author, which is incorrect. They dont actually write anything new. I believe they only have books that are public domain. I have left them alone when I am unsure. Just want to make sure I've got the GR process right.

message 7: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44643 comments Mod
I agree they should be removed from any book that actually has another (known) author. For those without one, I would leave them as the "author" for lack of a better choice.

message 8: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Agree w/Rivka.

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26081 comments Me too!

message 10: by Shad (new)

Shad (shadrach) | 16 comments sounds good!

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