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Haven Angel self explanitory
How many animals have gone extinct as a result of hunting?
Several species have disappeared partialy because of hunting. The Dodo bird was over hunted because you could walk up and kill them with a stick. Usually extinction occurs because of failure to adapt. Failure to adapt to hunting pressure could also be possible.
Modern regulations have done wonders. The dissapearing need to hunt has caused some species population to explode to the point of extreme over population resulting in an unhealthy condition. Believe it or not the car insurance companies are big fans of deer hunting. It keeps car versus deer costs down.

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Olivia (oerose) I don't have the patience to read the second article, but the whole thing with deer/car companies is really sad. I had never even thought about it, but I suppose it makes sense.

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Haven Angel ya me niether i skimmed and thought it would work

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