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((Amata's radical new home!))

The Empty Twoleg House is a empty twoleg house. It is very rotted and smelly.

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Maryam | 543 comments (Cool)

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Amata padded into the rotted house, and climbed up the creaky stairs. She was unsure, but knew it was best for her kits. She padded into a room, and then into a closet. She gathered some material to start making a bed.

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Amata had soon made a bed out of some old raggedy bed sheets. She sniffed the air. Ugh. Moths. She knew she had to get the house in decent shape before the kits arrived.

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((Okay! I would normally put a poll up, but not that many people know Amata's story. Sooooo

Should Amata die giving birth to her kits???))

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((I dunno...Maybe. I think I need more peoples opinions.))

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Maryam | 543 comments (If she did die Max would want to help take care of the kits. Right now he sort of likes her. But I think she should live, at least long enough to name the kits.)

Max walked into the house. "Wow. This place needs some shaping up. Do you want me to help, Amata?" he asked. "I could kill most of the moths and I could drag some of the old wood out." Max walked over by Amata. "Are you sure you'll be okay here?"

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((Caitlyn could adopt some of Amata's kittens))

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((Yeah. And Lauren, I would make her die AFTER she has the kits, not before.))

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"I think I'll like it." She mewed, looking around. "We should clean out the upstairs first." She mewed.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Ok." Max bounded up the stairs. He stopped when he got up there and said, "Wow! This place has tons of old house-folk stuff!" Max jumped on an old, rotting couch but jumped right back off a second later. "There's stuff poking through it!" Max then started to try to kill the moths in there. "They're really fast!" Max said jumping up to get them.

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Amata laughed and jumped into the air. She caught one neatly in her mouth. It flapped its moth wings, and Amata had no idea how to kill it. She did not want to eat it, that was to gross.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Here. I'll take it." Max took the moth gently in his mouth and let it free outside. He continued to do this with all the moths he caught until there was only a few left. "We could leave these few moths here for the kits to practice hunting with them." Maz said. He then hesitantly walked up to Amata and gave her a tentative lick on her head. "I know that they'll be the best kits ever."

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She purred and smiled. "I hope so." She licked him back, then padded downstairs to give it a better look. "Wow! Come down here!" She mewed to Max.

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Maryam | 543 comments "What?" Max bounded after her. "Wow!" Max looked around him. "Wow!" Wow seemed to be only thing he could say.

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They where in a living room, which seemed to be the only clean room in the whole house. It was very pretty, and was filled with antiques. It even had a record player, and a old fashioned radio. Amata purred. It was wonderful!

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Maryam | 543 comments "I've seen my person turn on one of these things." Max lept up next to the radio and started pushing random buttons with his mouth. "And there!" Music started flowing out of the radio and Max looked very pleased with himself.

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Amata cocked her head as soft music played. She jumped up next to max and pressed another button. Rock music blasted out of it, and Amata leapt back in surprise.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max pushed a black button and it turned off. "Oh, sorry. I didn't know it would do that. Here I'll try to turn it back on." Max started pushing buttons again and the rock music turned back on. "I'm guessing you don't want that." Max said as he pushed a blue button. This time hip-hop music came out and Max looked at it in surprise. "I've never heard it make that sound before."

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Amata smiled. She enjoyed this music machine. She continued to explore the room. There was an empty fish bowl, but still had murky water in it. She wrinkled her nose at the smell and wondered how she could get it out. She shrugged to herself and continued to explore.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max walked over to the fishbowl. "I can get some moss to soak up the water in there and pour it out outside. Then I can go get some fresh water in there." Max lept down and walked outside. He came back in with a big mouthful of moss. He gently placed the moss in the bowl and waited for it to soak up all the water. After it soaked it up, he grabbed the moss and brought it outside. He then got another mouthful of moss and walked around with it until he found a pond. He gently soaked the moss in the water and brought it to the house. He carefully squeezed the moss over the fishbowl until the bowl was full. "There. Now you won't have to go far away to get water. And your kits will be able to drink from it until they are old enough to walk far. Oh yeah, there's a pond over by that huge tree. I can show it to you if you like. Anyways, what do you want me to do?" Max asked.

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"Hrmmmmm." Amata looked around. "I think I might want my kits to sleep here instead of the closet." She soon found a empty basket. "Perfect!"

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Maryam | 543 comments "Want me to gather some soft moss to line it with?" Max asked. Not waiting for an answer, he quickly bounded out and came back in with soft moss. "Here you go." He started putting the moss in the basket. "I can also get some feathers and stuff!" He ran back in and out, dropping soft stuff near the basket for Amata.

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Amata neatly placed it in the basket, first around the edges, then on the bottom. She purred, and got inside. She yawned, and got out. "It just makes me sleepy looking at it!"

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Maryam | 543 comments "Then why don't you take a nap? While you take one, I can find some food for you!" Max waited until Amata settled down and then raced out to get food. He saw a mouse and crouched down to stalk it but he stepped on a stick. The noise made the mouse run into its hole. "Stupid mouse." Max said. He then looked for somemore prey and saw a vole. This time he was able to kill it. He picked it up and bounded back to the house. He dropped it by Amata and just sat there, looking at her.

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Maryam | 543 comments ((It's just whenever he starts liking a cat, they fall in love with Coon or something! That actually happened with Silk. He just doesn't want to lose Amata.)

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Amata curled up in the basket, and nibbled on the vole. "Can you sleep here tonight, Max?" She asked, a lonely look in her eyes.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Of course, Amata! My person doesn't really care if I come back home at night or not." Max curled up next to Amata. "I'll stay with you for as long as possible, Amata."

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Amata purred next to him, and quickly fell asleep.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max fell asleep next to her and dreamed about Amata's soon to be born kits. He dreamed that they all were beautiful and he and Amata took care of them together and Amata loved him...

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Amata purred, dreaming of her kits too. But they didn't look like her former mate...they looked like Max.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max woke up. He walked outside and sniffed. It smelled like rain. I better get some prey, fast, Max thought. He sniffed and smelled a mouse and a squirrel near each other. He quickly killed them both and brought them back to the house, just as it started to rain. He dropped them next to Amata and sat down, just looking at her. She's beautiful, Max thought. And I love her.

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Amata woke up, feeling eyes on her. She saw Max, staring at her. The first thing she should have thought was "Creepy" But instead, she felt loving. No body had ever loved her like this, not even her old mate. She loved Max back, and licked his head before starting to eat the mouse. "You can have the squirrel." She mewed through a mouthful of meat.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Thanks. You can have some too, you know. You need plenty of nutrition for your kits." Max took a couple mouthfuls of squirrel. "If you're still hungry after you finish that mouse, you can have the rest of the squirrel. I'm not that hungry." He walked over to the fish bowl. "Are you thirsty? I can bring some water over there for you." Max got a piece of moss and soaked it in the water. He brought the moss over near Amata. "There's plenty of water in that. Do you need anything else?" Max asked.

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Amata laughed. "I'm fine, Max." She mewed, looking around. "I'm full." She got up out of the basket and stretched. "I think i want to go run around outside, I feel trapped if I'm in here too long."

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Maryam | 543 comments "Ok. Do you want me to come with you?" Max asked, worried.

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"Sure." She mewed.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Good." Max padded out the door with Amata. "I can show you where the pond is." Max lept over to some rocks. "If you climb up these, you can see it. It's right over there." Max walked to the edge of the pond. "The water's nice and cool." he said as he drank.

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Amata fluffed her fur before jumping into it. She quickly jumped out, her large and fluffy hair now dragging on the ground. Her hair was soaked, and she reeked of pond water.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Are you alright?" Max asked, alarmed. Why had Amata jumped in the water? "Do you want to get back to home? You can dry out there."

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"I thought it would be nice and....shallow...and warm.." She shivered, and started towards the house.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Here." Max pressed against Amata to heat her with his body warmth as they walked back to the house.

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Amata nodded, and licked her chest as they walked inside.

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Maryam | 543 comments "Why don't you go warm up and get some rest in the basket. I have to go but I'll be back really soon." Max turned to leave but stopped. "Will you be all right?" he asked.

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She nodded. She began to groom herself, and soon she had a large section of fur done.

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Maryam | 543 comments Max slowly walked out of the house back into the neighborhood and into his house.

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Maryam | 543 comments It was the next day and Max was ready to see Amata. He caught a vole and got some fresh water from the pond before going in the house. "Amata, are you awake? I brought you some fresh water and a vole."

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Amata looked up from her basket. She got up and stretched, smiling at Max. "I'm up."

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Maryam | 543 comments "Here. You should get plenty of fresh water and food. After all, now you're feeding more than just yourself." Max put the fresh water in the fishbowl and the vole in front of Amata.

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Amata gulped up the vole, and then turned to the water, and began to lap it up gracefully.

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