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Books to read.

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message 1: by Terry (new)

Terry | 9 comments Mod
What three (or more) books are you adding to your 'to read' list? What makes them appealing to you? Use these web sites - and others you find - to help you find items.

Best Young Adult Books


Strong Women

For Guys

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah H | 1 comments Three books that I wanna read is "Rage" because the cover caught my eye. "That white girl" because it seems like a good book and people say it reminds them of me. And "Lessons of a dead girl" because it was recomended to me, and people said that I would like it.

message 3: by Joel (last edited Feb 15, 2011 12:24PM) (new)

Joel Christian | 3 comments Books I added to my To Read list:

The Dead by Charlie Higson - I really liked the first book and I wanna see how this one goes.
Nation by Terry Pratchett - Had a lot of good book reviews. and,
Going Bovine by Libba Bray - It looks interesting and also a lot of good book reviews.

message 4: by Laynuhlorin (new)

Laynuhlorin | 1 comments The three books I want to read are "House Rules" because its by an author I like. "While I was gone" and "The Memory Keepers Daughter" because the summaries about the book look interesting.

message 5: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 1 comments Daniel X Series, I picked these three books because they have to do with supernatural abilities and life forms.

message 6: by Jackelyn (new)

Jackelyn (jackleyn) | 2 comments the books i want to read is "Hevean Texas" becuase it looks like a good book another is "pride and Prejudice" it was reccomended to me and last is "River of Forgetting" becuase the summary made it look like a great book.

message 7: by LaQuita (new)

LaQuita Stewart | 2 comments the three books im going to read are
Busted Confessions of an Accidental Player by Antony John i just want to see if the boy has game or actually a player.
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult because I liked the movie just want to see if the book is just as good.
Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
I've always wanted to read this book just see what it was like for them during the holocaust times.

message 8: by ruelas (new)

ruelas | 3 comments I am going to add the book: Living Dead Girl. Because Mr. Debarger has told the class about it alot of times and it seems to be a good read. I am also going to add: A Rainbow of Gangs: Street Cultures in the Mega-City. I read about this book by googleing a list of books, and it is on the same topic as alot of other books that ive liked. last, i want to read: Kicked Out i read the description on good reads. Alot of the reviews are good. Maybe because it sounds like a good book.

message 9: by Melissa (new)

Melissa deHaan | 4 comments I picked Suicide Notes because it looks like a good book, Lessions from a Dead Girl because i want to read Living Dead girl, and the Truth about forever bueacue i want to read something diffrent than the gritty books i always read.

message 10: by Katelyn (new)

Katelyn | 3 comments I added the book "Living dead girl" because it seemed interesting to me. I also added "The Outsiders" bescause I had seen the movie and I wanted to read the book. The third book I added was "Stolen" because I read the description and it sounded kind of interesting.

message 11: by Kirsten-Mae (new)

Kirsten-Mae | 4 comments I added Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher because not only did the description seem interesting but the plot seems appealing. Also, I added Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty because it seemed like a good book to read and I added Forever by Judy Blume because it seems like it would be a book I would enjoy.

message 12: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro | 1 comments Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally
I chose this book because when I saw the movie and I feel like reading things that the movie didnt show.

message 13: by Lanae (new)

Lanae Walker | 1 comments the books i want to read are Eternal, Rage: A Love Story and Living Dead Girl.

message 14: by John (new)

John Covello | 3 comments I picked Angel fires east because i like the author, and i picked City of Bones and City of Ashes because they were both recommended to me.

message 15: by Lucero (new)

Lucero Aguirre | 5 comments I would read Nothing by Janne Teller because the cover looks interesting and also mysterious.I also added Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S King the description sounds cute because of the whole love theme. I also want to read Hate List by Jennifer Brown

message 16: by Angela (new)

Angela Schwitters | 5 comments I added the book Thirteen Reasons Whybecause i want to try the whole mystery type of thing and I heard alot of good things about it.
I added Afterand Someone Like Youbecause they are both about pregnany and i want to get a sense into that world.

message 17: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Cardenas | 5 comments The books that caught my intrest is Water for Elephats,By Sara Guren, because theres a movie coming up of it. And the kite runner by Khaled Hossenieni beacause i like to know about diffrent cultures and there lifes.

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