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message 1: by Ross O (new)

Ross O | 15 comments My discussion question on the homework from yesterday was "Do you think that Paris would actually wait 2 years to marry Juliet?"
To respond to my own question, I don't think that Paris would wait two whole summers. He'd probably be done with her after about 2 months. Keeping Paris from having a wife for a whole 2 more years just doesn't seem like something he would want. I would think that he has more of a sexual attraction to Juliet rather then genuinely liking her. We don't know how long he's known her but i can't assume he's known her for too long. Keeping him from having and actual relationship with her for two years (considering you have to be chast until marriage) just doesn't seem probable.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa M | 8 comments I dont think he would wait 2 years to marry juliet because he doesn't know her, he just knows what she looks like. I dont think anyone would wait for someone for 2 years unless they truly love them. I doubt paris loves her since he's never talked to her before. He might decide to wait for her but he'll probably fimd someone before that.

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