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message 1: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Moody | 544 comments Feel free to discuss anything about the book in this thread. If you (and others) are here, you (and they) have finished the book, so don't worry about posting spoilers. If you haven't finished the book, you may not want to read anything here yet!

Also, please let us know how you rated the book (3/5, 4 of 5, however you choose)!

ladywallingford | 12 comments I would probably give this one a 3/5. It held my interest and I thought it was a compelling story, but it's not one that I would want to read again and again. I think for me the more interesting bits were the mentions here and there of Casanova, which probably stems from my recent viewing of David Tennant's/Peter O'Toole's portrayal in the Masterpiece Theater production Casanova.

I also really enjoyed seeing Giustiniana's growth over the years of the affair, especially after she and Andrea part ways. We see her grow from a headstrong, immature young girl who delights in the forbidden to a mature young woman who has overcome the storms of her life. I found myself more interested in the mature Giustiniana ready for the next phase of life but alas, that is basically where the book ended.

message 3: by Robin (new)

Robin (ukamerican) | 188 comments I gave it 5/5. I admit I think I'm a little bias because I wound up taking a lot of it personally. I could really relate to Giustiniana because my husband and I had a long distance relationship before we were married (we're from different nations) so I knew what the separation and loneliness felt like. I know what it's like to say emotional goodbyes and eagerly await his next letter as the highlight of my day (well, in my it was email and also phone calls). I know what it's like to devour his every written word and still yearn for more. It tore my heart out to think what it would have been like if we hadn't wound up together and were instead forced apart like Giustiniana and Andrea. Every time I stopped reading for the day, I would snuggle up with my husband and feel oh-so grateful to be with him.

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