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message 1: by Hunterpalace (new)

Hunterpalace | 1 comments I have been hunting for a year now because my dad hunted them and now he has died my family on his side is dead for the Vampire have wiped most of us out i do know much black magic for protection my dads books help me i kow all there true weakness and i know how there blood lust really works! please help i have found 1 Vampire that is too strong to take down on my own this bothers me any ideals on taking this guy out? i want to ride the world of Vampires to avenge my family my moms side is fine but i and my brother are all thats really left and an older guy whos always hunting so if i need alot of help he's always there for me, if you a hunter who knows black magic talk to me/!

message 2: by Jonathan (last edited Nov 26, 2012 11:51AM) (new)

Jonathan (megamanex) | 3 comments I am a christan hunter but im new, I don't know black magic nor do I want to,i do want you to teach me their weakness and I will help you.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

One Does Not Cast Out Satan With Satan...., Nor Defeat Evil with Evil..

message 4: by Adan (new)

Adan | 3 comments Thats magic against the undead?! I never understand people... I heard of some girl, who wanted to become a vampire, because her life sucked...but she never thought about repentance and Jesus Christ. I know another girl, who accepts vampires exists, in truth one of them maybe still stalking her, but she could not believe in the power of Heaven! Do you get it? She believes vampires are real, but can't accept the existence of Jesus Christ! People are so...blindfolded...

message 5: by Douglas (new)

Douglas | 5 comments I am a catholic (roman) and i hunt these beasts in human form.
let me help hunterpalace.
I swore an oath that i would hunt vampires and all evil in all of it`s forms.

This is my creed, i always follow it. ALWAYS.
yours in faith, Douglas

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