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Dan Millman Musical Odyssey

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message 1: by Schroeder (new)

Schroeder (wwwgoodreadscomprofileasoma) | 1 comments Anyone who's intrigued, inspired, mystified, or even slightly curious about Dan Millman's writings should check out this cool new hybrid recording that was produced. It features his spoken word weaved within the framework of some gorgeous, heartfelt music. I bought it and it brings me centredness and peace more and more with each listen. One of their comments on the site says "a tool one can truly use at sunrise and sunset..." I couldn't agree more.
Check it out and spread it around for more peace in the world:

message 2: by Héctor (new)

He isn't of the present, yet doesn't come unannounced;
And one who feared neither flood nor flame
Doesn't surprise us without a reason, now that all is quiet,
And dominion is invisible among spirits and humans.
That is, just now the work become audible,
Long in preparation, from morning to evening.
For the thunderer's echo, the thousand-year storm,
Roars immeasurably down towards rest, resounding
In the depths, while peaceful sounds rise above it.
But you, days of innocence, become dear to us:
Today you bring the festival, beloved ones!
And the spirit flourishes in the evening stillness,
And I must counsel you, friends, to prepare the wreaths
And the food, since now we're like eternal youths,
Even if our hair were silver grey.

Hölderlin, Celebration of Peace

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