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message 1: by Noga (new)

Noga | 10 comments So far, we haven't really learned that much about Romeo. From what we did learn though, I feel like he isn't very open about his feelings and maybe even when he is not upset he likes to keep to himself. I myself am like that most of the time, and I know a few other people who are like that as well. Even though we are not very far along in the play, I can also tell that Romeo is different from his family and will not follow in their footsteps.

message 2: by Luke (new)

Luke | 8 comments I also think that Romeo is not very open about his own feelings, but he seems to go further than that. He also seems to take things a bit far, such as the matter about Rosaline. Despite the fact that he does not even understand how the whole matter will turn out, and whether or not Rosaline will even return feelings to him, he seems to jump to a sad conclusion that it is hopeless, and also seems to dwell on matters. Despite the fact that we have not gotten far into the play, I think that we all already knew that Romeo ends up committing suicide, thinking that Juliet is dead, when she is just in a coma-like state. This actually shows a lot about Romeo's attitude, since he wrongly jumps to the conclusion, and ironically enough, if he had waited for a little longer, Juliet would have awoken and it would have been a happy ending (except with Shakespeare, nothing ever ends truly happy).

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