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Japanese Cafe (#2)

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This is the new one since people dropped out of the old one, you can use the old charries or make new ones. :)

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Kiki walked down the street softly, alittle depressed, she had just gotten news that her grandmother was permanently in the hospital, and that her grandfather had died in a plane crash on the way home, and that she would be alone in the house now and that her grandmother had about a week before she would die. kii ran her hand through her hair softly, sighing alittle and wiping away the tear on her cheek.

Kayla sat down on the side of the road, pulling out her guitar and playing it, softly at first but soon began singing and attracting a crowd, though she wasnt asking for money, after a minute, she began showing alittle girl how to play and singing with her, people began taking videos and pictures.

Mia paused as she walked back into the kitchen of the small cafe she worked at, fixing her skirt and checking the time lightly. SHe walked into the backroom and checked her phone to make sure her father hadnt called and made a mental note to stop by the liquor store and the arts store on the way home.

Sara and Anne walked into the cafe and sat down, waiting for Mia to come out so they could go J-rocker watching together. They looked around and started commenting on oh he looks like kamijo....miku.....miyavi.....yasu....ect

Antje གརས པཅ Parker Kozha walked into the cafe and sat down

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