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message 1: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Gelati (Gelatisscoops) Hi everybody.On my blog today I have the details of the Trestle Press Spring Submission Contest.The You Tube is there as well as any info you may need.Heck if you are chosen as a winner you will get use of me for a few things. Here is the link to my blog, good luck!

message 2: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 47 comments Hi Giovanni
I took a look at our website. When I got down to the nitty gritty the contest seemed interesting with lots of genres. If there are lots of prizes, is here one for short stories one for poems, and so on? You get the idea.
Poetry requirements are different to fiction or non fiction . So far I've read about the wordage.(1K to 5K.For poetry that is unusual as the number of lines are often mentioned or the wordage).
Is it possible to enter all categories?
Can it be only one entry is allowed from each contestant?
The colour of the blog doesn't help the reading so where does a person go to read the full guidelines?
Best wishes

message 3: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Gelati (Gelatisscoops) Thanks for the input.I change the colors often and did so again after i read this,Tell me if it helps.You can enter any category and as far as poetry goes the word count is not important just the work itself.So yes, you can put in an entry for each genre, poetry is not confined to the word count, and I changed the color of the background and the font to hopefully make it easier to read. Thanks and enjoy.

message 4: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 47 comments Many thanks and it is better to read.The extra info you've provided is also interesting. I shall have to come up with something now.
Best wishes

message 5: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Gelati (Gelatisscoops) I appreciate that. I liked the color, but hey,I change it often,I want to thank you for pointing it out.Good luck, have some fun with it.

message 6: by Steven (new)

Steven (tbones) | 408 comments I am going to send this info on to Roxy which is a member in Book Freaks. She's a fantastic author and would love to be a part of this.

message 7: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Gelati (Gelatisscoops) I think that would be awesome for everyone.Feel free to pass the word.Good luck to everyone.

message 8: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 47 comments I've now sent in a poem.When is the entry given a submission number? No real urgency to know : only curious about the system.

message 9: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 47 comments Checked my in-mail: my number is #56028 , so there is my answer to my question.

message 10: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Gelati (Gelatisscoops) Everybody will get one without a problem.Thanks,.

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