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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Wolfe (ryshon) | 5 comments RL, I was cruising Amazon's Kindle e-book site and noticed that SF 0 is #1 on the Top 100 Free book list and SF 1 through 6 are ALL on the Top 100 paid book list! Well done sir and congratz!

message 2: by Randolph (last edited Feb 16, 2011 05:23AM) (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Thanks Tim! I'm still pinching myself!

To be honest, the books are doing so well on Amazon because the first one is free, sure, but also (and this is just as important - if not more so), there is a visible community growing up around the series.

It's visible in the reviews, in reader, gamer, science fiction, and other forums. Google tells me when my stuff is mentioned, and there are a few positive impressions every week. I'm no spin doctor, and I've never taken the whip to people to go forth and spread the message. You guys pleasantly surprise me be taking the initiative, and I credit that with granting me the security I need to write, learn more about entertaining and other related things full time. I'm forever grateful for the minutes and sometimes more you guys spend on helping out.

As a side note, the bigger the following Spinward Fringe gets, the better the chances are that it'll find new mediums. Here's to uncontrollable growth and good surprises in 2011!


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