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Romeo and Juliet > What does Capulet Want?

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message 1: by Guy (new)

Guy | 11 comments I was a little bit confused by what it is that Capulet wants. In Act 1 Section 2, he first tells Paris that he wants Juliet to wait 2 more years before getting married (page 27). But then, he has a sudden change of heart and decides that he wants Juliet to get married, but wants Paris to ask for her permission first. So I'm left to wonder, does he want Juliet to be happy, the perks that come with having his daughter marry into the royal family, or both? Maybe he wants something else?

message 2: by Courtneylp (new)

Courtneylp | 9 comments I agree with Guy in the fact that, its confusing to follow what Capulet wants exactly. He changed his opinion so suddenly about Juliets marriage to Paris. he first didn't want her to, but then he is all for it. it is tough to say what Capulet really wants for his daughter.

message 3: by Charleston (new)

Charleston | 10 comments I think that Capulet wants Juliet to be happy, but he also kind of wants her to marry Paris. He doesn't think that she's ready to get married and start a family. But I also think that he wants her to marry Paris so they'll be included into the royal family. But overall, I think that he wants her to be happy, because he tells Paris to make Juliet fall in love with him.

message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan A | 11 comments I agree with Charleston, I believe that Capulet wants to approve of who Juliet marries, but he also wants Juliet to have her own say in who she marries. I think he understands Juliet a little more than the usual father at this time. He realizes that if Juliet wants to marry someone, she wants to marry someone she loves, not someone she just randomly met. Though obviously, he'd want Juliet to marry someone of the royal family, maybe to have an edge over the Montagues. I suppose he just wants her to be happy with who she marries, instead of someone she doesn't.

message 5: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Malamed | 11 comments I think Capulet wants the perks that come with marrying into the royal family. I say this because at first he wanted Juliet to want (what she wanted) but then he had a change of heart and wanted her to marry. I think he was thinking about the choice and wanted the perks of a royal family. He may be greedy because obviously money and royalty come with the royal family. But he may also feel a little of both because he had a change of heart.

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