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message 1: by Maralune (new)

Maralune | 1144 comments Mod
Hi guys. I just thought it would be fun to have more than one active roleplay happening at once. This is also similar to a book that i am writing and i thought it would be fun to play out some ideas i have been pondering. Basically this roleplay is set in a world where elemental (earth, metal, water, air, fire) and other basics (telepathy and others) are possible. I think we should deffinetly not have all powerful characters because no one is flawless and sometimes when powers get involved the characters become to strong. So please keep it realistic. Would love to hear any other ideas people have. Now lets get this roleplay started.

message 2: by Michael, Illustrator. (Seriously, I'm happy to do commissions.) (new)

Michael Dolan | 1272 comments Mod
Sounds good. I'll write up someone when I get a chance.

message 3: by Maralune (new)

Maralune | 1144 comments Mod
thanks. :)

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