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message 1: by Sami (new)

Sami | 10 comments "It is an honor that I dream not of." (1.3.71). In my opinion this quote show that in this point of Juliet's life she does not want to get married. I think she does not want to get married because she wants to stay as young as she can for as long as she can. I think it will be interesting to see how her opinion on marriage when she meets Romeo.

message 2: by Russell (new)

Russell Schmidt | 11 comments I agree that she isn't at the point of life that she wants to get married. Although the way she describes being married as a "honor" makes me think that she does want to get married at some point.

message 3: by Amit.s. (new)

Amit.s. | 9 comments i agree that she is not ready to get married. when you get married you are no longer a child and you have to take care of others. juliet's only 14 and it is reasonable that she doesnt want this responsibility.

message 4: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 9 comments I also agree that Juliet feels too young and unready to be married, however, once she meets someone she truly loves, Romeo, her opinion may or may not change, depending on how much she loves that person and is willing to take on such responsibilities with them.

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 7 comments I also agree that Juliet does not feel ready to get married. Marriage is a big step, let alone starting a family. I feel like she wants to enjoy her childhood for as long as possible and feels that she will get married and start a new chapter in her life when the time is right and when the guy is right.

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