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HannahtheFuller | 8 comments Like almost every teen writer I am desperately trying to juggle schoolwork and my book. What I have managed myself to do (which is a big NO-NO) is to think so much about my book and never WRITE the darn thing, thus putting me at an unease about starting the book.
I can't seem to start the thing!
And when I do, eventually, start it I stop after a chapter or two because everything seems wrong or I can't just keep motivated.
So, if anyone out there in Teen Writing Club-cyber land out there has an opinion on how I can get out of this mess, please write a comment and help.

Twas brillig,

HannahtheFuller | 8 comments I do what I call "snippets" and save them to my computer, and that keeps me going for some time. They're fun and my kind of scenes but another one of my probs are excessive and obsessive love of adjectives. I don't like work that's been used to lightly or bluntly.
Adjectives = Illegal substance to me

Twas brillig,

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Hmmm. Well what I do, is I write my ideas down. No matter what. Then, I combine all of the little ideas I have, to make one story. Then, I go to (a WONDERFUL website where you can write stories...ect.,) and post my jumbled story mess, and see what people think!
And if they like it, I keep writing...if they dont, I stop writing it...easy?

HannahtheFuller | 8 comments "Wattpad" sounds interesting, how does it work exactly? I skimmed it and it sounded interesting.
Would you mind explaining it a little?
Thank you.

Twas brillig,

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Ryan Winstead | 6 comments I too had the same problem. I find that if you're serious about writing a book, you'll have to force yourself to do somethings you may not like. I composted about my novel in my free time and wrote down ideas. From there, I put it all together to form characters, plot, etc. in a long outline. It's a lot of work, yeah. But it's worth it. When you've finished the outline, start writing. It's scary. You don't wanna screw up the beginning and waste time or look stupid, the list goes on. But you have to, every author does. So far it's been working. My novel isn't close to being done but it's the best run I've ever had at it and I'm not hating every word I write like usual. Hope this helped!

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Novella | 1 comments I began my first novel when I was thirteen right after school let out for the summer. I wrote almost obsessively at first, until school began again. I tried to write a little each night but I almost always had too much homework to get anywhere. There would be weeks when I didn't write at all. Summer came around again and I picked up my pace. Along the way I would get ideas for future books and write them somewhere I can find them when I get to that point. Shortly after the beginning of this school year, I finished my book. I have had trouble editing as it is not as thrilling as the actual writing and there is always the ever-present homework issue. By the end of this summer, however, I hope the first will be officially complete. The only advice I can give is keep writing no matter how sketchy the original plot seems. Rewrite if you have to, I know I did and still do. Just don't give up on it if it is the story that is in you to write.

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Grouphug | 9 comments Hannah.RAR wrote: "Like almost every teen writer I am desperately trying to juggle schoolwork and my book. What I have managed myself to do (which is a big NO-NO) is to think so much about my book and never WRITE the..."

i'm a writer but not terribly smart
all i do is write these days
just write, thats all you can do, get something down
figure it out later

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