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message 1: by K.C. (last edited Feb 15, 2011 10:28AM) (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments Hey everyone, I just finished writing the first draft of a book that will be the first in a series. It'll be called the Pyxis series. The blurb for Book 1 is posted on my blog if you want to take a looky:


Still a ton of editing to do before it's ready to go public, but when it's published I'll have some free e-book copies for people in this group who are interested in reading it and giving it a review! :)

(Tori, I hope it's okay I posted this here in a new thread? I couldn't tell from the Rules if this should go in the Write or Wrong thread or if it's okay to be on its own. If this isn't okay, let me know and I will delete it. Thanks!)

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 363 comments Mod
No no no it's fine! =^)

message 3: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments Yikes, can't believe how long I've been away. I miss my GR friends! :( But I've been hard at work - I expect to unveil the cover for The Pyxis in the next few days, and I'll be publishing the book in June. Yay!

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 363 comments Mod
That definitely sounds exciting!!!! We'll look forward to it!!!!

message 5: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments Thanks, Tori! <3 Well looks like I won't be publishing til Fall, but here's a link to the cover, which I am totally in love with:


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K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments Hey YA groupie friends! *sigh* I've been such a stranger, miss you guys! I've wrapped up some stuff that's been keeping me busy, so I'll be around a lot more. :)

Wanted to let you know that book bloggers can reserve a free review copy of Pyxis: The Discovery here:

Here's the book blurb:
Two worlds... one 16-year-old girl must learn to protect them both.
The nightmares haunting Corinne and her friend Mason hint at a universe that exists beyond the one they know. Her destiny is to protect a weakness between the two worlds, but the person who was supposed to teach her everything she needs to do this is dead. As Corinne and Mason search for answers, she tries to ignore the sparks igniting between them, but can't deny she feels safe only when he's nearby. Will they find help before their nightmares break free?

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