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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (sianin) | 25 comments Nope but here is a list of literature set in Toronto. Does that help?

Good question though.

message 2: by writer... (last edited Mar 06, 2011 11:04AM) (new)

writer... (goodreadscomwriter) | 6 comments Chelsea wrote: "Does anyone know where I may find Canadian novels listed according to Province settings? Thanks."

LM Montgomery's novels are set mainly in PEI..
'I Am Hutterite' set in MB reads like a novel, though it is autobiographical..
Nellie McClung also used MB settings..
Lynn Austin writes a lot of novels set in Israel..
hoping that might help you ~
here's a link to MB authors' index

message 3: by Jc11king (new)

Jc11king | 3 comments Many of Louise Penny's novels are set in Quebec

message 4: by writer... (new)

writer... (goodreadscomwriter) | 6 comments Chelsea wrote: "Jc11king wrote: "Many of Louise Penny's novels are set in Quebec"

Thank you. I am interested in knowing of any books members consider good settings for the various provinces."

any LM Montgomery are great Prince Edward Island settings. Nellie McClung's writing is good Manitoba setting of another century.

message 5: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Belleghem (marilyn_belleghem) My self help memoirs include travel in BC, Alberta and Oakville and Muskoka in Ontario.

A Curve In Time is set in BC.

Not novels so not sure if these count in what you are looking for.

message 6: by Gwnhwyfer (new)

Gwnhwyfer | 6 comments The Crime Writer's of Canada website has a listing of mystery authors by region - http://www.crimewriterscanada.com/books/category/35/region

Also, CanadianBookshelf.com has a variety of member-created lists that list books set in the different provinces/territories. It doesn't look like you can browse the lists, just search.

Jenn ;)

message 7: by Gwnhwyfer (new)

Gwnhwyfer | 6 comments Hope these help, Chelsea. Thanks for the friend request, BTW.

message 8: by Lbaker (new)

Lbaker | 3 comments LR Wright wrote a series of mysteries set in a small town in BC, Margaret Lawrence books are in different parts of Canada, ie the Diviners is set in Manitoba, Ontario and BC, WP Kinsella books are often set in Alberta, Owls in the Family, The Dog that Wouldn't be by Mowat are set in Saskatchewan.
Hope these help

message 9: by Thalia (new)

Thalia I'm reading Kanataand it bouncing all over Canada but much of it (so far, I'm about half way) takes place in the west. The book starts in the late 1700's and I think ends present dayish. (It's really good so far)

message 10: by The 49th Shelf (new)

The 49th Shelf (49thShelf) | 3 comments As Jenn mentioned above, Canadian Bookshelf members have created lists of books set in different provinces:

Books Set in Winnipeg:

Books Set in Saskatoon:

Books Set in Toronto:

Some of the recommendations above would be great titles for other province-specific lists :)

message 11: by Anne (new)

Anne McDonald | 1 comments My novel, just released by Thistledown Press, is set in Prince Edward Island during the Confederation Conferences of 1864. Then it travels with the 'Fathers of Confederation' - and all their unmarried daughters and sisters to Quebec, Montreal, Coburg, Toronto and Niagara Falls. To the Edge of the Sea
Cool Water by Dianne Warren, winner of last yr's Governor General's Award is set in southwestern Sask and is stunning and evokes that country beautifully.Cool Water

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (Workaday Reads) (wrkreads) The Book Mine has quite the list grouped by province. John also runs a Canadian Book Challenge, so there are lots of Canadian books all over his site, with links to reviews from all the participants.

message 13: by Robin (new)

Robin Evans (robinovich) | 2 comments Timothy Taylor's "Stanley Park" is set in Vancouver, BC. Evokes it quite well.

message 14: by Jane (new)

Jane (janedee) | 2 comments Gail Anderson Dargatz "Turtle Valley" is set in the interior of BC.

message 15: by Michele (new)

Michele Kallio (michelekallio) | 3 comments My new novel, BETRAYAL, is set in modern day New Brunswick, Devon, England and in Tudor England. It is the story of two women seperated by thousands of miles and four centuries.

Please check it out at www.goodreads.com/boo/show/11866587-b...

I also have a video at:

Thanks for letting me tell you about my book.

message 16: by Michele (new)

Michele Kallio (michelekallio) | 3 comments a correction please:

Please check out my book at:


sorry about the typo.


message 17: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Marie Buchanan (cathymbuchanan) | 6 comments My novel THE DAY THE FALLS STOOD STILL is set in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Take a peek: http://cathymariebuchanan.com/

message 18: by A.B.R. (last edited Apr 30, 2012 11:20AM) (new)

A.B.R. (ABRe) | 1 comments Might I suggest that people adding books to the bookshelf add categories for provincial settings. In time useful, searchable lists would be created.

Just tried it. It might be harder than I thought, and there doesn't seem to be any way to search the group bookshelf for specific titles or authors. Please advise if you know a better method.

message 19: by Ben (new)

Ben (ben77) | 2 comments I would recommend the link below:


You can search by city, province/state or country.

message 20: by Sandi (new)

Sandi Altner | 1 comments Chelsea wrote: "Does anyone know where I may find Canadian novels listed according to Province settings? Thanks."
I would love to see such a listing. Let's find a way to start them here at Oh Canada. I would be happy to help gather and organize the listings if you contact me in a reply here.

For Manitoba and especially Winnipeg see authors Allan Levine, David Bergen, Carol Shields Margaret Sweatman, and if you like historical fiction, see my novel Ravenscraig, set in the early immigration years 1895-1914. Here is the link to the book trailer. http://altnersandi.com/ravenscraig-bo....

message 21: by Richard (new)

Richard Myerscough | 4 comments I proudly set my book 'Bat Blood: The Devil's Claw' in the province of my birth, Ontario. I kept the physical location, but since it was a work of fiction I had to change a few things.

message 22: by Karin (new)

Karin One source for books that are primarily set in BC, mostly nonfiction and memoirs, but some fiction, is Harbour Publishing, from Madeira Park, BC and you can browse books at http://www.harbourpublishing.com/brow...

message 23: by Marlana (new)

Marlana Williams (marlanawilliams) I hope it's okay to mention that my own books are from the west. My first book Doll of Dawson is a dancehall girl's Klondike journey that ends up in Dawson, YT. My second book Eagle in the Owl's Nest takes place in Nootka Island, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. My plan is to continue writing books set in BC.

message 24: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Douglass | 6 comments Each of the three volumes of my trilogy, The King Trilogy, have a heavy dose of Toronto, with a smaller dose of Vancouver, between their covers.

message 25: by Chrystal (new)

Chrystal (chrystalm) here is a small list;


I'm searching for another one I've seen around. ... once I find it I'll post that link too

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