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I will have a mustang to tame, I thought, but I knew that wouldn’t happen. My name is Sam. I live in the western part of the United States and my father will not let me have a horse. He hates horses because his father died. A horse turned on him, reared, and when he came down he sprinted around the ring and ran over him three times. He died right there. My mother died in a car crash. I have two sisters and one brother. I’m the oldest of my siblings. My sisters are twins, and my brother is the youngest. I have ten dogs. Their names are Daisy, Belle, Penny, Rose, Lily, Abby, Sheba, Sadie, Rio, Rusty, and have puppies are on the way! Isn’t it exciting? Puppies! Anyway, I have two, my sisters both have two, and my brother and father also have two dogs each. Oh! I almost forgot! I didn’t tell you how old I am! I’m thirteen. My sisters, Daniel and Elizabeth, are both eleven, and Luke, my brother, is nine. My best friend, Pam, is going to spend the night tonight.

Mustangs are pure power, and when I see them run, all I feel is….free. There are all kinds of horses in this world. I like mustangs the best. Do you like horses? If not, don’t let them slowly fade away. Instead, help them make a comeback from our world. Sorry, I was thinking again! I might just leave a note for my dad that has those exact words.

Tonight at dinner, Luke was talking about his report card, when suddenly we heard a crash. Luke ran into his room, while Dad went to check it out. I secretly followed him. He stopped at once and ran to the barn. He opened the door, and out came a mustang stallion. Dad went into the barn and, holding a whip, hit the horse.

“What are you doing!?!?!?!” I shrieked to my dad.

He looked over, and then, dropping the whip, ran over to me and yelled at me, “None of your business!” He then said I should’ve been inside with everyone else. Said I was irresponsible.

I countered with an accusation, yelling, “You let them die, didn’t you? I never had a father who cared about his kids! All you care about is killing horses! Is it not true?”I never had a father who cared about his kids! All you care about is killing horses! Is it not true?” I ran into the house through blinding tears. I went to my room and slammed the door. Once throwing myself onto my bed, I screamed into my pillow.

Later Pam came into my room and told my why she was really there. She said she wanted me to go to Florida with her for summer vacation. Stunned, I said that Dad wouldn’t ever let me! Pam went into Dad’s room and asked him. She came back looking very angry. She told me he had ignored her completely! I then informed her that he is always stubborn when he is mad.
We went to bed at midnight, far past my bedtime. I, in a deep slumber, woke up an hour after I was supposed to get up. As a result, Dad was boiling mad at me and grounded me for a week. I rebelled and shouted to him, “That isn’t fair! It’s a Saturday!”

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I added a little more. we r looking at publishers but none has responded yet.

YES! 2 views!! lolz ;P

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You do know you can comment on this page.

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