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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Discussion of book two is now open.

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu I just finished and I must say that whoever edited this book didn't do a very good job. I noticed on several occaisions that a cat was called by their old name after they received a new one. (Like Brokenstar was referred to as Brokenstar after being named Brokentail and Sandstorm was referred to Sandpaw after receiving her new name). This just bothers me, these minor mistakes because, you know what? They aren't that hard to fix. Other than that, great book although I am not in love with the first series. . .

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I can always find mistakes...I like the darkest hour but I won't tell what it's about!

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu I've read it, but you shouldn't say anything incase someone who hasn't read it reads our comments. Yeah, and there's a mistake where it skips Cinderpaw to Cinderpelt without even telling us. . .

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Yeah. Oh, really?

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu =^-^=

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