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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rpoma72) | 10 comments Mod
We are soooo excited to be hosting Cherise Sinclair and her Masters of the Shadowlands series. Have you read the series? Or maybe one or a few of the books? What do you think of them? Let's chat. Since this is one of our more "racier" features yet, we want to know your thoughts so... do tell.

I'll start by telling you that as far as I'm concerned, I think she's a talented author and in a few of my reviews I've done of Cherise's books I state that I believe they are so realistic they could so nearly pass for non-fiction. I truly think she sets a standard for others writing BDSM erotica. (Of course, if you read my reviews on our site this week, you'll hear me rave some more!)


message 2: by Kallypso (new)

Kallypso Masters (goodreadscomkallypsomasters) | 2 comments Rebecca, thanks for inviting me to join your group!

All I can say is that I *love* Cherise Sinclair, especially the Masters of the Shadowlands series. (And, like all of her fans, I am anxiously awaiting Nov. 29 when we get to read Master Raoul's story--oh, and she's promised a few scenes with everyone's favorite sensual sadist, Master Sam. ONE of these days, we want Master Sam to find his mate and have his own romance, but until then, we'll just love the scenes we can get with him.)

Cherise's Club Shadowlands was the first BDSM erotic romance I ever read. WOW. So different from the "dark" BDSM non-romance stuff that's out there. *shudder in a bad way* Her heroes are to DIE for. And the way they protect, cherish, and love the ladies who come into their lives just melts your heart.

Cherise also inspired me to write in this subgenre and I'm so glad she did! I love exploring the BDSM lifestyle through my characters--and hers!


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