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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Lavoie Things are definitely taking a turn for the boys in the middle chapters. Everything is starting to fall apart as more time passes.

What does everyone think? There is a lot of foreshadowing that goes on, for these chapters and future chapters (which we'll discuss when we get to the last set).

Even though Jack is starting to turn more into a hunter and losing his civility, he still refers to the fact that he can sing in chapter five. So at that point, not all hope is yet lost.

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Lavoie (To get the discussion moving, maybe?)

In chapter seven, there is an interesting part where Ralph seems to take on the emotions of Jack. When they are hunting, he acts as Jack first does when the first pig is caught. I found this to be interesting because of the role reversal.

Also interesting was how Robert is treated after the male pig is stuck and escapes. When the hunters first kill the female pig, there are sexual overtones to the murder, as many scholars have pointed out. It had not occured to me, but this is mirrored in this section as well, with Robert. Not to scare members away (this is after all about analyzing the text) but there seem to be some homoerotic images here as well.

With Robert acting as the pig and making "rushes" at Ralph, the boys get into the role, forgetting that Robert is actually human. This can be seen when he is frightened by what they do as they get too into the actions. While he was certainly beat up a little in the process, it seems that the boys reach that same state of elation afterwards. I saw it mirrored in the text with the choice of words.

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