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Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy

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Patricia Puddle (trishapuddle) | 31 comments Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy (Series Novel) by Patricia Puddle
Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy

Getting bullied at school just because she's bald is no fun for nine-year-old Velvet. She's sick of kids laughing at her on the school bus, and when a boy knocks her hat off and calls her a pixie, she decides to walk home through the forest instead.

Though Velvet doesn’t believe in magic, she comes across a tiny doll-like creature caught in the bow of a tree. The doll claims to be Rosebery – Fairy of Crabtree Forest and promises to grant Velvet a wish is she saves her. Sure someone’s playing a trick on her, Velvet unhooks the doll’s leg, and though she doesn’t believe it will come true, she wishes for hair. When the wish doesn’t work, Roseberry tries to fly away but falls from the tree with a thump.

Velvet feels sorry for the helpless little thing - she can’t just leave her there. So with no other choice, she takes Roseberry home and hides her in her bedroom. Though it’s not long before she wonders what she’s got herself into. Roseberry isn’t at all endearing, she’s rude bad mannered and spoilt. All she’s interested in is trying on Barbie clothes, admiring herself in the mirror and getting Velvet into trouble with her unsuspecting parents. Velvet figures that Roseberry has no powers because she didn’t pay attention at Magic school and tries to help her to learn. But Roseberry isn’t interested in learning anything, she’s quite happy being waited on and stirring up trouble. Velvet's had enough and wants her life back. She threatens to take Roseberry back to the forest if she doesn’t behave, but before she has a chance, the fairy is kidnapped by the school bullies who think she’s one of Velvet’s dolls. Now velvet has to save Roseberry again, or who knows what will happen to her this time.

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Debi Faulkner | 43 comments Mod
Sounds good!

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Patricia Puddle (trishapuddle) | 31 comments Thanks Debi.

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