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message 1: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid Here's my poetry and my writing.

message 2: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) Where? lol

message 3: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid sorry, i haven't posted it yet. I didn't have time. I'll post it up later.

message 4: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2...

I haven't come up with a title yet. hope you enjoy it. : )

message 5: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid constructive criticism is welcomed.

message 6: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) I'll get to this ASAP. But you have to remember I have loads of people's writings to get to, so sorry if I take a while :/

message 7: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid that's fine.

message 9: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) Ok, I finally read it: very sad but greatly written. I feel for her, her sadness is now mine too. Very good descriptons :)

“I understand that you’re suffering from a great lost. I’m sorry.”

-I think it should be loss not lost

message 10: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid Ummm...the main character is a guy. :/

message 11: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid wait...are you talking about the story or the poems? i'm confused.

message 12: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) yes... so?

message 13: by Doubleid (new)

Doubleid i posted another short story in the same link.

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