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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments woooo hooo.....
great topic. will make for some interesting reading!

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M | 11074 comments Mark, this is an excellent topic you've thought of. If I get time, I'm definitely going to try my hand at this one!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments TY MARK!

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M | 11074 comments I like the description of Evangeline's submerged body wrapped in strands of seaweed, "as if she were a tree and they her leaves." This is one of my favorite stories I've read by Al.

I wondered if there were a significance to the number thirty-three.

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Life is Relative

If someone told you that your friend’s death didn’t change anything, you would probably feel two things. One of them, naturally, would be anger, usually expressed with words like ‘How dare you’ and ‘that’s not fair.’ The second thing you would feel would be disbelief. Of course it changes things! That’s precisely how I felt when Kincaid told me that Mercedes’ death shouldn’t change anything. I told him so in no uncertain terms, and probably said some things I shouldn’t have. Looking back now, I know Kincaid didn’t deserve it. After all, he was right.

Mercedes’ death really didn’t change anything. Of course, I missed her, but I moved on. We all did. Adjusting wasn’t easy, but it’s what we do. We’re spies, after all. Adaptation is our modus operandi. For a time, I thought that’s what Kincaid had meant. I was wrong. Nothing had changed for Mercedes, either.

If you saw your best friend seven years after you attended their funeral, what would your first thought be? For a normal person, it would be something liked ‘how is this possible?’ or ‘this isn’t possible!

The first thing I thought was, 'Mercedes is here.' My second thought was, 'I’m wearing mismatched socks.' In the past, she would have chided me for my obtuse lack of fashion sense.

“Mercedes.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement of the obvious, all I could manage to say.

“Hi, Locksley.” The no-longer-deceased replied. I continued to stare silently, partly out of shock but mostly because I didn’t know what to say. And she’s beautiful. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” She asked after a long moment.

“Of course, come in!” I said, remembering myself. She stepped past me and I closed the door as she took of her coat and shoes.

“You don’t look surprised.” Mercedes observed. I smiled

“I’m not. I should be, but I’m not.” Though it had been seven years ago, a sudden flash of inspiration told me exactly what Kincaid had meant. “I missed you so much.” I added. She stepped close to me and put her hand on my cheek.

“I missed you too, Locksley.” Mercedes reassured me before putting her arms around my neck. I hugged her back and buried my head in her shoulder. She kissed my cheek and then stepped away.

“So it was a setup.” I blurted. “You never died. Obviously.”

“I died in a legal sense, that’s all. The person I was no longer exists.”

“Did it work? Did you catch the bad guy? Destroy his evil crime syndicate?”

“I did.”

“I should call Cesare. He said all along that it was a setup.”

“You didn’t believe him.” She observed. “We can tell him soon enough. I wanted to see you first.”


“Because I love you.” Mercedes said, and I could tell she meant it.

“I love you too.”

“Even though technically, I don’t exist?” She teased. I poked her shoulder.

“I’d say technically, you exist. Just not officially.”

“I guess you’re right. Consider me Mercedes’ ghost.”

“No, I’m just going to consider you Mercedes.” It suddenly occurred to me that it didn’t feel strange at all. We had stepped back into our friendship like nothing had ever happened, like there had been no funeral, no tears.

“Fair enough.”

“So what happens now? Are they going to ‘resurrect you?’ Put you back on the team?”

“I really don’t know. My superiors have to speak to Kincaid about that.”

“He knew, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did. And he hated it. You understand I couldn’t tell you?”

“If you had, we would have gotten some stupid idea to come and rescue you and then we all would have died for real.”

“Exactly. So for now, I’m just…here. I’m not going anywhere if I can help it.”

“Because you love me?”

“Go ahead and tell yourself that.” She was exactly the same. She looked the same, talked the same, teased the same. It really hadn’t made a difference at all. She was here, and the fact that she was a legal ‘ghost’ couldn’t change that. I smiled even more and hugged her again. Kincaid was right. Nothing had changed.

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Katrina Knight (KatrinaKnight) Truth and Lies
By Katrina Knight
Word Count 465

Your eyes, the color of pain, swirled and alone, that color, that there is no naming
Your Eyes, the color of pain, Eyes that beg for forgiveness, alone, so unrelenting
Your Lips part, to sigh, a warning to the future, life doesn’t get easier, get happier
Not if pain has killed your heart and your life a ghost of whom you could have been

What if you saw me, really saw me, looked into my eyes, what if you looked deep inside?
Would you be afraid of the dead heart that beats in a tombstone of ribs, as a ghost, a lie?
Would you want to be able to see past the story of “I am alive and well,” written, fading?
If you see sadness, hardness, pain, you see the real me, Ghost of a Girl. Could have been?

Your eyes, they are the color of pain, they beg to be noticed, but don’t want to be seen
Your Eyes, are the color of pain, your Eyes beg for forgiveness, but don’t confess the sin
Fingers touch your face, softly, leave no scar, but your soul is incarcerated, happy barred
Pain has killed your heart and your life a ghost of whom you should be, oh I wish you free

I look in the mirror and slowly curse, I see who I am, it’s just a shadow of what I wish to be
I hate the mirror it tells too much haunted truth, there is no fog on the mirror it tells truth
Oh if only you could see what goes on, on the inside, in my mind, inside, you would see me
You could see the real me not just the ghost girl, master of fake, of lies, and of pretending

Your eyes, the color of pain, hold my gaze; I see inside, I see the bones and the faded heart, you
Your Eyes, the color of pain, dance with mine, to the music of time, the melody of our dreams
My Lips part, to say hello, warning the past, that soon it will die, only then can you live again
I can take your Pain, I can be your future, I can breathe life into your heart, apparition will fade

Pain has killed your heart and your life a ghost of whom you could have been, I will make you be
I see the ghost girl, but it’s you I love, the heart that with tenderness and love, could be beautiful
As Beautiful as your skin, your smile, your eyes, yes I can make your face out of a lie into the truth
I believe that you can be free, All you need, is tenderness, and time, and love. Let me be your Key.


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Katrina, you are so talented.

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Mark Interesting story Alex.

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Mark Yep, sure is. One thing I was wondering, is Evangeline in Thomas' dream, supposed to be a ghost?

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments A Conversation With Millie
By: Rachael
WC: 1966

The harsh, white light was blinding. My eyes stung and ran simultaneously as I tried to focus them. On my surroundings; on anything. It didn’t make sense. Panic quickly set in as I struggled and fought for a clue. ‘Where was I? What’s going on?’

“Just relax.” My borderline, irrational thought process became interrupted. It was a calm female voice just to the left of my bed. ‘My bed? I’m lying down. Why am I lying here?’ I wanted to ask these questions but my mouth was like sand paper. Instead, I concentrated on the soothing voice as my eyes continued to adjust.

“Just relax and take it easy,” the anonymous voice reassured me. It was the only thing keeping my sanity together. “Are you in any pain?”

‘Pain?‘ This wasn’t making sense at all now. ‘What- I mean- Why would I be in pain? Unless something-‘ It was then that I was hit by a ton of bricks. My eyes continued to work my surroundings until I was able to confirm it. I was in a hospital room. On the up side, there was no pain. Downside is that I have no idea what the hell happened to me. I focused on the wall; which was really about the only thing I could positively make out; then shifted to my hands lying effortlessly at my sides.

I remember thinking that whatever had happened couldn’t have been that bad since there were no monitors or IV’s smothering me. At the very least, I noticed some bandages on my arms. ‘But what did happen?’

The voice continued on and it started to annoy me. Can’t she just take my pulse; write my stats; and get out? I was irritated and unable to figure out how I got here in the first place. This lady in here wasn’t helping.

Nothing but blurs of color. Faint shapes. I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I focused my eyes on an object until it either became clear or my head began to hurt. Meanwhile, anonymous nurse lady made small talk, that I couldn’t answer, while she poured me a small cup of water. I probably looked at her with the ‘are you crazy?’ expression when she reached the cup out to me. But I was injured. Wasn’t I?

“You know you are able to sit up, right?” she giggled and snorted the question out. It was the first time I acknowledged her in the room. Ignoring her teasing, I nodded, and began the process of sitting up. I was astonished to note that it took no effort at all. I took a few small sips then began my inquiry.

She stood by waiting in anticipation. Her long brown locks gathered neatly to one side. I studied her with apprehension; expecting a nurse or candy striper get up. Instead she bore raggedy old jeans and a pale pink sweatshirt; look completed by a dingy pair of converse. Maybe she was ready to get off for the night or something. I watched her watch me. Silence. I readied myself to being the inquisition but she beat me to it.

“What’s your name, doll?” It came out at me with a hint of arrogance that I wasn’t prepared for.

“Paige,” I literally spat out; wondering why my own nurse doesn’t know that already. But it was my turn now, “What happened to me?” Half wanting an answer and half not.

“You were in an accident, hon.” She frowned, “Don’t you remember?”

I guess it was either the complete lack of comprehension or the dumbfounded look on my face made her feel sorry for me. I imagined I looked like a complete idiot at this point. “I was in a car accident?”

She raised an eyebrow at me then tried to set me back at ease, “Oh no no no no!” Her soft sweet smile was reassuring. “You had a surfing accident this morning.” Continuing her explanation as she pulled the guest chair bedside; she tried to jog my memory about where I was; what I did at the beach; and who I was with. By the end of her summation, I’d pretty much pieced it together.

I awoke this morning to usual ‘urgent’ phone call from Raquel. By the time I had crawled out of bed she was tapping my window with a vengeance. The ‘urgent’ situation? “You’re not even dressed yet! Come on, Paige! Get it together….jeesh!” She threw her hands up with absolute disgust while continuing her tirade, “The damn swells are epic and we are gonna miss it. Come on!” If I wasn’t so amused by my ‘psycho surf buddy’; I’d have told her to where she and her board could go.

I remembered the day. The scent of the ocean. Lying in bed I could practically feel the warm winds bringing a light, salty mist to my face. It felt like heaven. The crowd was sparse for a Saturday morning. Looking back at it; I came to understand why. It was definitely a little rough out there. Massive waves carried other surfers inland with force. None-the-less, I made my way out to catch my first wave of the day with Raquel trailing behind me.
The feeling was unreal. Like a dream or something. The swell was huge but we were practically pros at this. One after the other; each time trying more and more to outdo each other. This was our heaven. Onlookers continued to gather here and there because we made such a spectacle. We were sixteen after all. It’s what teenagers do.

“I’m Millie,” my visions had been abruptly interrupted, “You know, in case you wanted to know or something.”

“And you’re supposed to be some sort of nurse?” She glanced down briefly; then met my eyes again. “You volunteer here or something?” When she shifted her weight from one side to the other; I had to wonder, ‘What the hell is this chic doing here then?’ I had no idea who she was; but somehow she knew me. Naturally the question had to come out.

“So what the hell are you doing here then?” The sarcasm that came with this question surprised even me. But nothing could have prepared me for the answer that Millie had for me. Now that was truly a surprise. Gleaming with what seemed to be territorial pride; she began to pace quietly in the center of my hospital room. “Like I said, I’m Millie. I live here.”

I briefly began to think Ms. Millie lived there alright. Perhaps the Psych Ward? She didn’t look crazy. She didn’t look dangerous. I misunderstood her answer. Either that or she’s homeless. Could that be it? Before I could inquire about it; she started again.

“I’ve lived here for two years or so now.” Her eyebrows arched in a show of confusion, “Yes. About two years.”

“But where do you stay?” I retorted. Truth was, this was fascinating me. “I never met anyone who’s homeless before.”

“Homeless? Who said anything about being homeless?”
Ok, honestly now, I’m leaning toward the psych ward. I observed her confusion turn into anger then to a weird, twisted smile. With her snort and giggle she began her explanation again. The truth about my new found friend.

After fighting to keep my mouth shut and my mind open while she spoke; I learned her deepest and darkest secrets. I understood what Millie meant by saying she lived here at the hospital. This is where she died.

Millie was fifteen when she was rushed here by ambulance two years ago. Her injuries extensive; most notably, “blunt force trauma” to the head. That’s what killed her. She died here in the ER on a cold Christmas night. She had been here ever since.
She tearfully recanted numerous accounts of physical abuse at the hands of her mother. Beatings. Cruel punishments. Denial of food. It was easy to see that the so called ‘system’ failed her. I had always believed that we were our brother’s keeper; but she, unfortunately, fell through the cracks.“I’m sorry.” It was weak but it was all I could muster in reply to her story. Otherwise, I was speechless.

I was in the ocean once again with Raquel by my side. Watching the perfect wave approach. Simultaneously our grins grew wider. This was it. And we knew it. I prepped for it and waited patiently for it to take hold. The ride was a major rush. It lasted seconds but it was the most amazing feeling ever. I triumphantly floated in to wait for Raquel to come in. She didn’t come.

Dropping my board; I hurried back toward the water in search of my best friend. She was in trouble. I had never observed anyone drowning. I had no idea what to do. I just raced out to her. I had to get to her.

After what was forever in slow motion; I reached for her hand and pulled her to me. Something scraped me across my arm burning it, causing me to yelp in pain. From the water, I could see some onlookers running in to help. Wave after wave; all I had to do was hold her until help arrives. That’s when Raquel’s board struck me. After that, everything went black.

“That’s all I remember,” I was still shaking as I finished my recollection of today’s events for Millie.

“So you’re a sort of a hero then.” She smiled quickly at me. “Your friend is okay. Just so you know.”

A huge weight lifted from me. I wondered but was too afraid to ask. The thought of losing Raquel was too much to bear. My lifelong friend. Involuntary tears streamed down my face.

“Millie?” I hesitated for a moment, “Aren’t you supposed to go to heaven? Cross over or something?” I suppressed an urge to giggle. “I mean, you can’t just wander around here all time, right?” I’m pretty sure I made sense.

“I’ve never seen a light or anything, she studied my face as she continued, “But it’s not all bad though. Sometimes I meet people like you. Millie’s grin was ear to ear. “People that actually hear me.”

She must have sensed my confusion because she elaborated further, “Not everyone sees ghosts, you know.” She flashed a mischievous wink my way; then suggested we take a short walk. A walk that would end up resulting in four pranks courtesy of Millie. Nothing too harsh; missing bed pans, inexplicable flushes, nurses’ buttons going off. It was fun. We trekked the hallways freely; laughing and carrying on. Discovering the closets and corridors of the hospital; giggling the whole while. We held hands as we turned the next corner.

“Mom! Dad!” I squealed with relief, shock and delight all at once. Millie and I had found our way to one of the waiting rooms. They sat gazing out of the large window; staring past the window. They looked exhausted. “Mom?” I called in a somewhat softer tone as I approached them both. She seemed to be daydreaming. I knelt down in front of her, “It’s okay, Mom.” Neither one of my parents waivered. “Guys, I’m okay!” I raised my voice an octave, “See-“ But I wasn’t so sure anymore.

It was at that point that I grabbed for my mother’s hand. It was perfectly clear. I could no longer hold her hand! I turned toward Millie just long enough to see her wiping a tear from her cheek. ‘No…No…No!” I was fighting a losing battle. Reaching for my mom; each time my hand passed right through hers. They had no idea I was there. My eyes welled up and I turned to Millie. She sadly mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry.”

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Caitlan (lionesserampant) | 2869 comments so sad!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments ;)

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments LOL @ Alex....
Just call me the "drama queen"...rofl.
ty for the comment. :)

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Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments The Dog Under the Tree
by Shayma
WC 3354

Sorry this is my first contest entry. Next time I will pay more attention to the word count but I am looking forward to hearing what you think about my story.

The End!!!!!
No just kidding. I’m Scott and this was just a regular day at school – or so I thought it was. But little did I know that everything was about to change.
I’m an average student and my grades are pretty great but as for popularity……. Well lets just say my only friends at school are the janitor and the lunch ladies. But I do have my buddy Sam and he’s a cool dude. His dad owns a computer game store so when his shop gets in a new game we are always the first to try it.
But today, as I was sitting next to Sam before school I saw a dog sitting under a tree staring at me. It looked like it was a Beagle. I nudged Sam and said, “Look at that dog. It’s staring at us.”
“So.” replied Sam. “So lets go see it.” I said. If it doesn’t have a collar maybe I can keep him. I could put up signs and if no one claims him I could keep him.“
“I thought your Mom said you can’t have any pets,” Sam said. “Yeah she did,” I replied. “But my Dad keeps telling her I need a friend so a dog is the only pet she will let me have cause she used to have one when she was a kid. So this would be my chance to prove that I am responsible enough to have a pet.”
“Good plan I guess,” said Sam. So off we headed toward the dog. As we got closer I noticed a girl standing near the dog, but she didn’t move and she seemed really pale. But just then a frisbee landed on the grass in front of me and I got distracted. When I looked up again the girl had vanished.
When we got closer to the dog I reached out my hand to allow the dog to come sniff it but he backed off instead. So I whistled softly and called it but it still wouldn’t come. Then suddenly it turned as if someone had called it, barked and ran off. I didn’t even have a chance to see if it had a collar.
“Well maybe it does have an owner,” I said to Sam. “Maybe it was that girl that was standing by him.” “What girl?” Sam asked. “I didn’t see any girl.”
“Never mind,” I replied somewhat confused. But all that afternoon I couldn’t get the girls pale face out of my head and how she vanished so quickly. It was like seeing a ghost girl -appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing.
The next morning I went outside to get my soccer ball from the front yard and I was shocked to find that same dog on the sidewalk outside my yard. I was sure it was him. I whistled to him but he still wouldn’t come. I wondered what it was doing here and how it got to my house.
Then I had an idea! I ran into the house and got a leftover hot dog from the refrigerator and a bowl of water and put them in the front lawn. I opened the gate to the yard and spoke softly to him, encouraging him to come eat the food. No luck again.
I didn’t want to be late so I went in to finish getting ready and eat breakfast before school, but I left the gate open in hopes that the dog might eat the food. When I was ready for school, I grabbed my backpack and went outside.
The dog was still standing in the same place as before but the hot dog was gone and the bowl of water was half empty. So I ran back inside and refilled the bowl of water and got him two more hot doges and put them in the front yard again. I left the yard gate half open and headed off to school.
After school finished I went with Sam and some other guys at school to the park to play soccer. When we got there we chose teams and Sam was on the opposing team. The game started out good and I was playing really well in the beginning. Then suddenly, in the middle of the game, I noticed the dog – sitting at the far end of the park next to some swings and watching us. One of the swings was moving back and forth which was strange cause the other swings were still and it wasn’t really windy.
This was becoming really weird and confusing now and I couldn’t stop looking at the dog. Why was this dog showing up everywhere I went but yet he wouldn’t let me go near him? After that I was too distracted to concentrate on the game. We ended up losing the game.
After the game ended Sam came over and said: “Hey Scott. What happened? You were on a roll at the beginning of the game and then suddenly you looked like you’d seen a ghost or something. You totally lost your focus.”
“Oh its just that I have been seeing that dog everywhere I go and it is getting kind of weird now,” I replied. “You know the dog at school the other day. He was at my house in the morning and now look! He’s over there!” I pointed out the dog to Sam.
“Wow that is weird!” Sam said. “Maybe he likes you!”
“But he still wont let me touch him or get too close,” I told Sam. “It feels like he is trying to decide if I am trustworthy or not.”
“Maybe?” Sam replied.
After the game we all went our separate ways and Sam and I went to a nearby McDonalds to get something to eat. The dog followed me all the way home- walking a short distance behind us. Every time we stopped he did too and this continued even after I said goodbye to Sam and until I reached my house. I went in the gate, being careful to leave it open a crack, and went inside to take a shower.
When I got out of the shower my Mom called me into the living room.
“Well I think you have something you’d like to tell me.” My mom said to me.
“What?” I asked.
“I know we said you could get a dog, but you should have discussed it with us before you actually brought one home with you!” my Mom said. You said you were going to play soccer with the boys after school, not go buy a dog!”
“Mom, I did go play soccer and I didn’t buy a dog,” I insisted.
“Well than why is there a dog in the front yard. It looks as if it made itself at home and I can’t believe you used one of our nice bowls to feed it!” Mom exclaimed.
“I’m sorry about the bowl,” I said and then I told my mom the whole story from the first day I saw the dog until today.
“Well then,” my mother said. “Maybe we should call the humane society to come and take this dog. You don’t know what kind of diseases it might carry!”
“Please mom,” I begged. “I want to keep it if it needs a home. I will take it for a checkup too.
“OK!” Mom replied. “But be sure it doesn’t bite you!”
“I won’t” I replied happily.
The morning when I went outside to feed the dog he wasn’t there. I was so disappointed because I thought he must have left. But I went to the back yard just to make sure and there he was; sleeping like a cute fuzzy ball under one of the bushes. I was so happy but when I approached he woke up startled, jumped to his feet and barked. I giggled. What a silly dog!
A week passed of me feeding him, but he still would not let me touch him or get to close to him. I was beginning to get frustrated and lose patience. I still hadn’t even named him cause I didn’t want to get too attached if things didn’t work out. I started to think that maybe I should just call the humane society to take him so I could get a “real dog” – one that I could pet and play with!
But Saturday of the second week things changed. I woke up early so I could feed the dog and try getting near to him in the process. When I went outside he was already awake and sitting next to his food bowl waiting. I had been feeding him regular dog food for the past week but today I had a freshly cooked hot dog. I knew he liked them so I thought maybe I could lure him closer with it.
I sat a short distance away from him, talking to him gently while holding out the hot dog with my hand. He stared at the hot dog and I could tell he really wanted it. But I just don’t know why he won’t come and take it. He finally started to take a few steps forward, but suddenly he stopped and sat as if someone had told him too. He even looked back and barked.
I was just dying to pet him a then again he took a few more steps forward until he was close enough for me to reach out and touch him. Instead I just offered him my hand to sniff. I moved slowly so I wouldn’t scare him. He cautiously sniffed my hand then stepped back. I tossed him the hot dog satisfied, and he ate it happily. We had made progress today and maybe soon I would be able to pet him.
The next two days were pretty much the same but on the third day he came right over to me and let me pet him. I could tell he liked it and he even wagged his tail. I was thrilled and the dog seemed happy too. I even tossed a ball and he ran after it, running around the yard and playing with it.
At that moment I noticed a girl at the end of the yard – the same pale girl I saw at the school that day. Then right in front of me she just vanished. I was sure of it this time. I jumped to my feet and yelled in fear. Well it was very scary and creepy.
My mother came running out to the yard with rubber gloves on and a bathroom plunger in one of her hands. “What happened, are you OK?” she asked scanning the yard quickly.
That sight replaced my fear with laughter. “I’m fine Mom.” I laughed. Nothing is wrong. I just thought I saw … Or I imagined I saw someone in the yard.” I said. Sorry if I scared you but what were you going to do anyway?” I asked. “What you were going to plunge the person to death.“Very funny!” she replied. “I was in the middle of cleaning the toilet” she replied and headed towards the house.
“You do that!” I yelled after her. “Let the toilet fear you. Show it who’s the boss.”
Judging by her glance back at me she didn’t think that was funny either so I decided I better just shut my mouth!
After that day the dog was great with me, allowing me to pet him and play with him and he even started waiting for me in the front yard everyday when I got home from school. I named him Chuck. I don’t know why but it just seemed to work for him and it seemed he liked it too.
I even took him to the veterinarian for a check up and shots, and we hung up notices about him with his picture on it in case he belonged to someone else – but no one ever claimed him.
The next three days though I just couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. I started seeing her in my dreams and during the day I kept imagining that I could here her call my name. Then on the third night I woke up in the middle of the night to find her sitting on the end of my bed. This was not a dream – I was awake!
I was so scared I lost my voice and all I could do is sit frozen in fear. All she said is: “Take care of the dog. He is yours now so take good care of him.” Then she was gone again.
I was sure now of what I already suspected. There was definitely a link between Chuck and the Girl.
Now that Chuck was officially my dog he was allowed in the house and even slept in my room at night. One night I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I hadn’t seen the girl again since the night she came to my bedroom but I still kept thinking about her and wondering how she was linked to Chuck.
Laying in bed I felt a cold shiver run up my spine and as I watched she just appeared. She was sitting next to Chuck, petting him. Again I opened my mouth to yell but before I could make a sound she was already standing next to me her hand covering my mouth. Her hand was icy cold.
I gulped and nodded my head to assure her I wouldn’t scream and she removed her hand and went back to sit next to Chuck. She looked up at me and smiled such a heart warming smile that it actually calmed me down, which is pretty amazing giving the fact a girl had just appeared out of nowhere in my room. But somehow I knew she wasn’t going to hurt me. She seemed so happy to see Chuck and he seemed so happy to see her.
As I watched her I realized she looked like she was about 12 or 13 years old. She had big green eyes. I mean I don’t think I ever saw eyes that big and beautiful. She had long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.She looked up at me again, interrupting my train of thoughts, and without realizing it I said: “You have really beautiful eyes!” “Thank you.” She replied. Continues in next comment......

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Shayma (almightysush) | 47 comments continued from previous comment.

“I have a question.” I told her. “Is he your dog?” “Yes.” She replied.
“Well I have another question.” I said. “How did you get into my room?”
“Um… I’m not sure.” She said. “I think I used your window this time.”
“How!” I exclaimed. “Its closed. And Chuck was right here and he didn’t make a sound. Neither did you cause I was awake.”
“Well you are kind of silly!” she replied. “I mean you must have realized by now that I’m – well I’m dead. I’m a ghost!”
“Yeah, right!” I replied sarcastically. “That’s not possible. I can call the police and have you arrested for breaking into my house!” But part of me already knew what she was saying was true.
“Go ahead.” She said. I’ll just disappear and they will think you’re crazy. Then to prove her point she vanished again right in front of me. “Here I am.” She said giggling, and I turned to find her sitting on the desk behind me. I jump, startled again.
“Well you scare easy” she said, laughing again.
“Hey, give me some credit.” I said. “I am talking to a ghost!”
“I guess.” she said looking somewhat sad now. “And I am sorry for bothering you in your dreams, but I thought it would help you figure things out.”
“Well who are you then?” I asked. “Where did you come from and what do you want?”
“Well first of all, I noticed that you were interested in my dog that day.” She explained. He needs a good home and so I started following you around so I could decide if you were a good enough person to take care of my dog.”
“Who says I wanna keep your dog?” I blurted out. Well I guess I just felt kind of annoyed to know she had been checking me out.
“Well ok. If you don’t want him I will just leave and find someone else!” she replied. But I am sure she knew I already loved Chuck to pieces.
“No. No. Sorry. I didn’t mean that.” I said.
“I know.” she replied. “I know he will have a good home with you, and I couldn’t risk luring him to the animal shelter cause I was afraid that if no one wanted him they might put him to sleep. But I just had to be sure.”
“I understand. “I told her. He’s a great dog.
“But now I have another favor to ask you.” She explained. “Its why I came back.” She had a sad look on her face again.
“What?” I asked, a little nervous.
“Well you see, I was murdered.” She said sadly. “I was murdered and the man who did it was never caught cause they never found my body. My parents are suffering so much and are still waiting – hoping that maybe I am alive. I know if they find the body, they will be able to catch the man who killed me too!”
“But what can I do?” I asked. Now I was more than nervous. I was scared.
“It’s easy.” she said. “There is a phone number you can call if you have any information about the murder. I’ll give you the number and you can just call from a pay phone and tell them where my body is. No one will ever even know who made the call. I would do it myself if I could. I even tried. But for some reason no one else can hear my voice, or even see me. Only you, and I don’t know why. But please you have to help me. No one else can and I have to help my parents get through this. They need closure so they can learn to go on with their lives. Please.
“Of course I will do it.” I replied, even though I still felt scared. But how could I not help her.
“Give me the number and I will go out first thing tomorrow morning and make the call.” I promised “And wow, I am sorry for what you went through.” I didn’t know what else I could say. So many questions went through my head but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her.
“Yeah me too.” She said. “But I think I can find peace if my parents know the truth. But and thanks.” She said. She gave Chuck one more big hug and with that she vanished one last time. I never saw her again.
I kept my promise and made the phone call in the morning. I was still scared but I knew it was the right thing to do. The following day the newspapers announced they had found the body of Jessica Lot a young girl who had been missing for months. They also announced she had been murdered and that they were now looking for the killer. I was really sad to read the story.
One week later the story was in the Newspapers again. They had arrested the man they suspected had committed the crime based on evidence found at the sight of the killer and he made a full confession. Jessica was right that they would be able to catch him if they find her body. I was glad that at least they had caught the guy who did it.
I still think of Jessica a lot. I wonder if she will ever come back, but I kind of doubt it. And I am glad to have Chuck. He is a great dog and a great pal. And he shares the biggest secret of my life: I saw a ghost girl.
And now its really The End!!!!!!!!

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Rachael (rayle504) | 107 comments very nice.

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and someone needs to make a new topic for next week :D haha

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Sometimes. Incidently, they're usually the books I want to read anyway. That was not so with The 39 Clues The Maze of Bones. I read it because Rick Riordan wrote it. And I finished it so I could write the review. :D


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