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message 1: by Mach, Kurisawa (new)

Mach | 13 comments Mod
I just watched Kick-Ass a really exciting and funny movie.

message 2: by Aloha (new)

Aloha I heard a lot about that one. One that is on my queue to watch is Martyrs. The beginning looks great.

message 3: by Mach, Kurisawa (last edited Feb 13, 2011 10:32AM) (new)

Mach | 13 comments Mod
I haven't seen that one if you like horror try The Devils's Backbone by Guillermo Del Toro.

I created this group today since i haven't found any groups about movies that were good on goodreads. Feel free to invite people.

message 4: by Aloha (new)

Aloha Okay. Otherwise, we'll have to keep on talking to each other. I hope you have a lot of friends. LOL

Thanks for the movie suggestion.

message 5: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) I recently saw The Black Swan, Voyage of The Dawn Treader and 127 Hours. All three were good but not great.

message 6: by Aloha (new)

Aloha I saw The Black Swan, too. I thought the ending was disappointing, but the acting was good throughout.

message 7: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Yes, I think it was Natalie Portman's best performance, she deserves the nomination.

message 8: by Jackie (last edited Apr 14, 2011 07:51PM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Utterly disappointed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

Country Strong was really good.

message 9: by Roshio (new)

Roshio | 1 comments Has anyone seen In Time with Justin Timberlake yet? I'm really tempted to take a trip to the cinema for this.

message 10: by Mach, Kurisawa (new)

Mach | 13 comments Mod
No, i have not. It looks interesting though. Let us know how it is if you decide to see it.

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